The Designer Making Luxury a Ritual in LA | Local Legends

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No matter the luxury you’re creating, it always has a choice of remaining integral. In this custom episode of Local Legends in …

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  1. How about a little less “loving yourself sick” and a little bit more, I dunno, helping the homeless and starving in your city.

    The vapid here will look back and cringe at this video one day – that’s is if any of them ever had a soul to begin with.

  2. By all means she has skills however why not use them to make quality items average people can afford to buy to help support her.. cause as is, Luxury yeah cause anyone who works to pay bills and raise a family can't and are not about to spend $700 on a jacket that is made from a blanket that some have same print at home… nor are people gonna pay $23 for a "funchie " which is actually a Squnchie .. working people can not afford to waste $$ like that

  3. Yes!! We need Trump this coming election or we need someone like him, who will do a great job!! Someone who will listen to him and learn!! SO THEY CAN, Take this country, and run it like an engineer! Who will Bring our troops home, save a ton of money not policing the world!! Let's use that money on real things instead of giving it to charities for people who don't need the charity like hillaryclinton"ahemhem" something in my throat.. umm.. let's make good choices because there is no point being smart and thrifty with our money, government and truly wanting to be a part of this planet and with other countries as all equals instead of this attitude of being better than everyone!! It doesn't look good on us! Also! Stop going to the government for everything! Go to your state if you need things, and contribute toward the good of your state! We all have a skill we can do! If not money then become planners! Think local! Buy from your farmers! If you come to the farmers markets in your cities then the farmers will come!! So have baking contests for the state where you can donate for the state and give part of what you make! Especially if you're getting help and let's have fairs and fun competitions of all kinds and enjoy being alive and healthy! Our future can be great! Just do anything like these lockdowns! We need to get rid of big pharma and eating from any of the foods we are eating right now because we should all be aware that it has small amounts of poison or at the very least, ingredients that were making us sick! Listen I could literally go on and on about suggestions of things we could do but that is now going to be on each one of us! There are people out their ready to just start everything over!! Start fresh! Who is with me here??? It's time for this! If not now, then when?

  4. What if your "people" don't do things worthy of being liked? Would your life still matter if you lie and behave like the color of judas?🤔

  5. This is an amazing video and I enjoyed every bit of it. It's another time of the year. One need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success are not obtained overnight. It comes in installment; you get a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate you lose that day of success.

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