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  1. So if weed becomes federally legal, its safe to say USPS and UPS mailrooms will be smelling like dank, and everyone will just use coins to avoid all the BS taxes.. Farm to Doorstep.. im down

  2. B keeps saying he was swinging at the air on menace to society, its actually Boyz in the hood and it was Cuba Gooding Jr. Swing. Stefftone was right last episode. It's ok to be wrong B_Real (in my EZone voice) 🤣🤣🤣

  3. You guys are so cool. i enjoy watching and listening. And i'm jealous watching you smoking all that fine shit. We still have to hide. Greets from Berlin, Germany

  4. Why do yall rate joints anyhow…kids today don't even know how toroll a damn joint ,too spoiled with cones .. and blunts are a,trend again , in the 90s it was Philly blunts ( House of pain ,Cypress Hill shit ) ..kids today ,and alot of people, especially weed tubers think smoking is a fucking sport .. its not … its about expanding your mind ,cool mellow tunes and helping people….

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