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  1. Cheaters was mixed. Some scripted and some real. A coworker of mine got caught up on the show when they went to the job at the old Reunion Arena here in Dallas. The show couldn't get in because of security but they got him when he was leaving work.

    Joey Greco getting stabbed is still up for debate because there is no police record of the guy getting arrested as seen on the show.

  2. @Kolten Hagen hey dude this goes out to you The THC. There's a bot I've seen in other streams that clears out the porno spams. Or just spam chat in general. Research that shit homies. đź‘Ť

  3. Possession movies are usually some run of the mill bs horror movies, but The exorcism of Emily rose is class. Its such a realistic take on possession with both angels of what happened to the girl being demonic or is it mental sickness and epileptic episodes. Scary ass ish too

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