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  1. I’m Japanese in Osaka, it’s so happy to be said that "I want to go" "I love Japanese culture" but it’s superficial ironically, you guys don’t know about dark side of here 😏 but please enjoy visiting 😉

  2. I would honestly advise anyone watching any video put out by vice hoping to gain some kind of unbiased opinion, Stop. This channel will askew the message to fit their personal agenda. Go look at the Andrew tate video. Why are the comments turned off? It's because men and woman were calling them on there bullshit.

  3. I’ll be visiting Japan very soon but will only have time for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and possibly Kamakura…next trip I will come back to visit this beautiful town ❤

  4. Best content I've seen on the Vice channel so far! This journalist is so interesting, I love her genuine reactions and the respect she shows to the people she interviews.. Amazing!

  5. "4 more rooms? Ohh that's dope" . lol how the rec in this world open 4 hotel rooms is something to be excited about it?? We are not taking about hotels but ROOMS 😩

  6. So cool! You don’t get to sleep in any castles in Korea or Japan usually. Castes r just meant for sightseeing and tourism. But this just takes it to another level! 😍

  7. A human interest piece, and raging about bad kulture wars I guess this break is due. Just every feature film or mini doc is yikes or underrated. Real hit or miss

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