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  1. Apologies in advance, the audio isn’t as clean as we would like it, moving forward will have that fixed but we still hope you enjoy the video! Let us know any suggestions for how we can make the content better or if you have any video topic suggestions. Let us know down below 👇

  2. 36:15 exactly the same right here in Amsterdam right now. Cali weed is basically any weed that comes from the us/canada has a high terpene content, leanig on the whole runtz, z, fruit or gas kinda vibe and then phospholoaded, or any other synthetic PGR that makes the buds rock solid as in the growers feed it so much synthetic pgrs that it is barely weed, it's just little balls of squished resin and plant matter… it's kinda sad ngl… Sometimes good batches make their way to Amsterdam, on the street or in coffeeshops like the plug utopia or terps army (usually only the plug because terps really wants you to buy local flowers, for good reasons.) and almost all the non-pgr stuff sold in the plug is grown by team ten so ''zushi'' and stuff…

  3. @Duncan Fergson (since I can't find your comment anymore, or youtube is messing it up.) that is NOT the proper way to store seeds at all so that is totally your mistake, even if others may germinate. 2. prove it and where did you buy it, also you might have gotten incredibly unlucky, so many ppl running the original belts as a solventless winner grows good enough and is terped out.

  4. One last thing because at this point I am basically spamming but there is a lot to say about all of this. The DQ is not because of water or anything, the main reason in my mind (although most if not everybody did not know this) was and still is, non-nucleated hash is your stamp, it's your seal, you can enter BHO that looks just like hash when it's nucleated, but you can not enter BHO that looks like unnucleated hash, this is one of the main reasons.

  5. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 the start of a great series, I believe this one will be one of the most important series if not the most important for the history and basically stories of US weed just around legalization and basically us humans creating/trading and sometimes stealing (rats) all these cultivars.

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