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  1. nahhh me n the gng just took a 9 hour road-trip to the canada boarder to see the northern lights and camp under them😂 completely forgot ab the northern lights every night and we all fell asleep before them. we all had an amazing time tho.. camping off grid no service and 2 oz of bag🤣 hell we had a good time🤙🏼 views were amazing aswell. my number 1 smoke spot I’ve seen so far!

  2. Love it bro but there's a place here in lawrence kansas with a sunset view that's a beautiful smoke spot I feel like most people don't think of beautiful views when they think of the Midwest but I promise we got gorgeous views just gotta know where to go

  3. Ayye yola trying to help me buy a portable bait live well😅

    Thanks for the like bro didn’t expect you to see my comment btw the sherbet vape was good

  4. You got an AP & she has the matching one as well or does she have a rollie on? Either way. That's dope. Goals asf. Wish you and your family plenty more success to come. If you're ever in Atlanta, I got you on the content & Xotiks outchea. ATL is known to simply clone as much Za as possible, keeping us flooded with top shelf year round

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