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  1. So basically they're keeping a tradition alive started by the necessities of low income immigrants in the coal mines. The pizza is not good and I think people are just too proud to admit it. It's glorified carnival food

  2. Man it sucks this show isn’t around anymore. Being from New York we have some of the best pizza, but this show really made me have an appreciation for other places.

  3. I lost a very dear childhood friend to an suicidal overdose back in 2015…..I have nothing against Revello's Pizza, no ill will, but at that time, 4 years prior to her death it was the most pure, sane, exquisite time I had with my friend. It's a memory I will always cherish.

  4. How Old Forge pizza " grilled cheese sandwiches" came about is way back in the day purveyors wouldn't ship Mozzarella there because people couldn't afford it. So they used American cheese and Provolone whatever the fuck they could grind up and throw it on a loaf of Wonder Bread with some tomatoe sauce with 4lbs of fucking sugar in it and called it OF Pizza. They still can't afford it and even if they could those inbreeders out there would fuck it up. #wrongturn

  5. Great video, but it portrays an alternate reality of what actually happens in that town. Everyone is so busy being nosey about what other people are doing in their personal lives and they refer to that as "community." I got out of there as soon as I was of adult age. NGL, the pizza there is 🔥

  6. I contest my parents were born and raised in Old Forge Pa but I was born in Niagara Falls NY USA 🇺🇸 and as a child my dad would drive to Old Forge Pennsylvania for Pizza 🍕 three times a year. A 600 mile round trip just for Pizza

  7. One of my favorite bands called Title Fight is from Kingston, PA and they're always talking about pizza places in their town and how good they are and how PA is known for pizza. I guess there's tons of cities in PA like this one. Awesome episode.

  8. I'm from Philly and I have friends in towns all over this area: Wilkes Barre, Pittston, Scranton … but I met a new friend who lives in Old Forge and he gave me a tour of his hometown. It is wonderful. This program is about pizza but up and down the main street are several fantastic Italian restaurants. This area, formally anthracite coal mining towns, is really unique and worth visiting.

  9. Old Forge Pa. should have their title of "Pizza Capital of the World" stripped.

    I knew things were amiss on a past visit when I no longer saw the "old Ladies in aprons"  making the pies in the back. Just not enough onion and spice …..but I still wanted to believe. 

    Yesterday's pilgrimage will be my last …….Pies seemed "re heated", no onion or spice, meal was plain with no  salad, no classic beans in oil on table. Restaurants closed. Erroneous hours posted on websites and facebook. Sad as I clearly remember some lively times with friends great food and Dean Martin background music ….even a magician on busy nights to entertain those waiting. 

    Cause may be from COVID shut down, maybe the old owners decided to retire and sell to the new breed, maybe it's just laziness. Either way I tipped the waitress very well but I will never be back again.

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