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  1. Back in 2019 I got bought the cheapest flower on the menu just out of curiosity, it was some sobet and it’s was certified tho some the Spanish gelato at the time wasn’t the best, great place though

  2. Yo drew whats your advice bro i aint smoked in 2 years i went amsterdam and got sick as hell after 1 joint didnt smoke again for 2 months hitting this legit thc cart and im feeling nauseas and sweats again? Dafuq do i do? Is my tolerance so low again?

  3. Ash is so white and the resin ring appears fast on every strains….most of the best growers and stoners on earth go there during Spanabis…quality have to be very high 😉!

  4. The Choko. Next time in Barcelona try this cannabis club out. Haven’t been there my self but a friend of mine told me about it. Keep up the good work. Love what your doing 💚💯🤙🏽

  5. Hopefully you can hit 300k subs soon. You deserve it man and much more.

    Oh my goodness those buds and doobs are looking absolutely banging pure flames. Resin rings, white ash!
    10/10 content mate. Best on YT.

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