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  1. The po pos harass my bro, took him outside in handcuffs, tripped him, then said oh he's resisting and started beating him, woman cop included. My brother is peaceful but they wanted to treat someone like a scumbag.

  2. police departments in the u.s. have small budgets that vary greatly from state to state and police officers do not get paid much, i think that compounds the problem and causes some of the issues you spoke of

  3. awwwwww 20 year old millennial says he had to deal with "corrupt" police officers and he has PTSD. get over yourself you sheltered middle class kid. the uk has decent police, i'm sick of comparing uk police officers with usa police officers, they are nothing alike.

  4. No heart in it? I think many people in the police services, nurses and doctors at the nhs, did go into the job with aspirating in helping others but sooner or later all the drunks, assholes, violence, social justice warriors and moaners would soon wear them down….what the f…?

  5. and it sucks some cops only want the job because it's an easy way to get power over someone without getting into trouble because the law tends to not question people who "serve" the law

  6. You only believe that the police are corrupt because you didn't get your own way. You not gonna enjoy someone who's caught you out doing something you shouldn't be doing. Just get over it, making videos on 'corrupt' police isn't helping anyone. If you call them they will help you. FULL STOP. Places without much police e.g Cape Town. Are dangerous and you have to pay for security. Consider yourself lucky.

  7. I like your videos but please for fuck sake shut the actual fuck up when it comes to politics or anything controversial like police brutality.

  8. i completely agree! Had a bad outlook on police (UK) since i was very young and now it would take allot for me to call police for help. i dont really trust them or the gov.

  9. When i had to be taken to the hospital last October because i was suicidal and homicidal, i met a cop there who was one of the two only people there who seemed to actually care. That hospital was a horrible experience, but he made me a bit hopeful at least. I've had bad experiences with cops before, but i will never forget him.

  10. That's because you're a shit head drug addict who doesn't learn from their lessons and police are sick of little brats like you. Maybe one day you'll realize this once you grow up in 50 years…. hopefully.

  11. the entire police force is corrupt people get let off for some serious shit. Its stupid. Some officers are great and are helpful but then you get the ones who will arrest anyone for nothing or let someone off. Corrupt asf

  12. bu ibneyi iyi bi dövcen sonra doğuya yollayıp tezek toplatcan. yetmez ne kadar angarya pis iş varsa yaptırıcan . tipe bak salağın.. maymuna dönmüş. evrime inanasım geldi tersine işlemiş bunda yalnız laksjakjas

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