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  1. Thankfully, the pan is enamelled. If you go rubbing salt into traditional cast iron pan it isn't going to last long as anyone who has seen the damage that sea water does to metal can attest.

  2. This video has no down panning it’s a horrible video you don’t even explain how to slowly heat the cast-iron and you don’t even explain the process sufficiently to warrant this being a good video I want even begin to comment about your kitchen

  3. Lol. Salt doesn't "season" cast iron. And those enamel pots and pans have black enamel on the inside anyway! You can't season that! I couldn't even stand 4 minutes of this video! 🤣🤣

  4. This is not cast iron, this is enamled cast iron, and this creates a significant difference. I use both, and this video is innacurate and may confuse people. For one, enamled cast iron does not get seasoned in the way cast iron does. I know these pots, they have black enamled interiors, not bare iron.

  5. Thinking about replacing some my pots and pans with cast iron, i have a rectangle one that can fit two pancakes or wo burger patties on it. Had it last 5 or 6 years. Never had t re-season it and still looks new to this day. Course i dont cook every day with it, but still good pan. Meanwhile i gone through so many other alluminine, teflon, and ceramic style pots and pans that lately been thinking going to cast iron, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Sure they be a little heavier than the others but from what i seen they handle better over time than the ones i have.

  6. I have cast iron skillets and dutch ovens and love using them for cooking and after many years of using non-stick cookware and having to replace them every two to three years of use. I grew up eating meals my grandmother cooked in her cast iron skillet and they was great and the skillet is still good today and I have three skillet I purchased new and two dutch ovens which I use and they are wonderful.

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