The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Detroit | Abandoned (Full Episode)

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Detroit is the poster child for urban blight, but it’s also the most hyped comeback city in the US. Rick gets the lowdown on the …

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  1. all it take is some lbs over her and n all those techniques will get brushed off n manhandled with brute fprce. unless shes had a good amount of experience in real life situations.

  2. Wish y'all would've done an update on this piece. Do people even do that anymore or is it dictated by numbers. Be Absolutely great to see THE D now compared to this piece 8 years ago. Love DETROIT!!

  3. The guy who made this documentary failed to do some pretty basic research. One particularly glaring error less than 10 min in: the 2014 Packard Plant restoration plan that he cites as an example of Detroit’s apparent comeback was actually abandoned in 2020. In fact, most of the recent news about the Packard Plant has focused on its gradual demolition…

  4. Detroiters simultaneously want outsiders to come in and fix everything, while also not changing anything that the locals have become hardwired to accept, but also respect the locals who allowed the destruction of a once thriving city to begin with. And it's all racism fault.

  5. I like how the lady said "where are all the black folks in downtown Detroit"?

    I can tell ya….. they come at night mostly on Fridays, & the weekends. They start fights and shoot each other in Greektown, they hang out at party stores and car washes. While the majority of the working class in downtown Detroit is indeed white, and are working!

    "White flight" was a major problem, that's why Detroit looks the way it does, black folks move in and tear everything up, and kill each other and stuff, then move to the next place, and the cycle repeats!

  6. Guess who ran American automakers back then which resulted in layoffs and the crash of Detroit? Conservatives. They were too close-minded with innovation, products, and designs which caused them to lose against foreign auto and ultimately led to their bankruptcy. Yet too many people blame poverty and low-wages on liberals. Stay dumb sheeps.

  7. As an architecture major at Detroit Mercy, I absolutely love this. This is a truly special city with some of the best people and we get too much bs. 313 ❤

  8. Vice just took me to school again. Helped me understand the world a little better, see a thing with new eyes, have more compassion, and feel a gamut of feels along the way.

    I really really need Vice to live on. I pray their situation is not as doomy as it sounds.

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