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  1. Last time I was in Jamaica there was a naked man standing in the middle of the traffic intersection directing traffic. We were in a small mini bus and all of us girls stood up through the sun roof and cheered him on! Hilarious! Love it there, such a fun place 💚 🖤 💛

  2. I’m part of the Jamaican diaspora in America. I remember on a visit in Summer 2002, my cousins singing “Gimme di Light” and telling me this was the hottest song on the radio and in the clubs. It had not been released yet to the USA and since this was pre-YouTube, it wasn’t as easy for me to just find the song. But it was a sign of things to come with Sean Paul. “Get Busy” really was massive. I take it for granted now, but Sean Paul really did stay true to not watering down the dancehall for a global audience.

  3. The song was actually made on a popular dancehall dub called the Diwali riddim, not sure if they mentioned that in the video since I just clicked on it. It’s common practice to have artists record over the same production and play them at parties, this is the simple explanation for the outsiders of the culture

  4. A great example that it is a team effort and all the different ideas end up to a great thing. It is not a one man show with one super creative mind. And fore sure it is hard work and maybe somehow coincidence that certain people meet.

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