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  1. Hey Tomas I know you guys are really busy with the company in its current state, but would you ever consider expanding the dopest into Canada. Me and the boys have been tryina figure a way out to get ur shit for months. But short of trusting some random in the states we are out of luck. Keep up the fantastic work 👍. And that plead the fifth clip had me fuckin dyin bro 💀

  2. I just want to let you know I've been watching your videos since high school. And watching your brand grow and your videos get to the top. I think it is amazing what your brand is doing. It would make my year if I can meet you.

  3. "I got real lightheaded, had to make sure I didn't fall over, pressed down hard on my shoes, don't do this, I'm just getting high over here"
    I've done that… I got a lump on the left backside of my head cuz I fell on concrete. Felt awesome 10/10 would recommend (satire, don't fucking do that shit lmao)

  4. I'm so down for the Edward hands challenge not to be in the video or nothing but if two of those got shipped to me I'd be so stoked to do it, and I'm not cappin at all both would be empty before I stopped, I'd need either Fruity Pebbles, Cereal Milk, or a OG😤😤😅

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