The World’s Deadliest Drug War Just Got a New Leader | The War on Drugs

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As Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency in the Philippines is over, we look at what his deadly drug war actually achieved, and whether the …

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  1. That's how China cleaned up Hong Kong, El Salvador is cleaning up their MS13.problems, & how Philippines got cleaner now. I bet we can clean up Mexico the same way!

  2. Duterte is still alive??? !?!?!
    Thats just weak & pathetic.
    people of this earth need to rise against their rulers – or suffer under their terror.
    It is that simple.

  3. Duterte is the deadliest drug that all the law enforcement there is under the influence until this mass murderer is arrested and charged. He’s nothing more then a thug using the cover to end drug use. It’s all a power trip for this killer.

  4. I live in america now and i grew up in the philippines even went back a few times during dutuerte. Yes its brutal and fucked up but theres this support for it locally. The law and order that people crave and need vs human rights. I agree with both. But the philippines isnt like america. Democracy there is won with money and so is everything else. That being said under dutuerte the country havent seen such good growth economically(prior covid) there is this vibe to get things rights within my people and hopefully we will. Drugs are drugs and crime comes along with drugs and poverty. Poverty really drives all this.

  5. This is the face of a true devil on earth.
    But even worse are the orderfollowers that are willingly manifesting the ideas of a sick brain with their own hands. In my eyes this is even worse even more sad than just a single obvious psychopath!!
    Theese peopoe should know better, should know empathy! But all they do is bringing CHAOS VIOELENCE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.
    We are living still in the stone age from a cosmic perspective.

  6. world deadliest drug war is in the philippines??really?how about mexico,brazil,colombia?atleast in the philippines during pres.duterte the drug pushers and traffickers are scared of him,but on other countries their government are scared of the drug lords😂😂😂

  7. Maybe if the Filipinos didn't vote for a president whose father was a FORMER DICTATOR and mother who used the money to prevent going to prison TWICE for graft then the country wouldn't be falling to pieces.

  8. Drugs, Prostitution and Pornography are the industries which are completely "Demand" driven…Yet it is the supply which is always attacked…Inducing, educating and encouraging people to not take drugs is a sustainable, cheaper but difficult and long term method of fighting drugs…

  9. This appears to be nothing more than socialist liberal pro drug propaganda. If we would start executing drug dealers here in the USA most of the drug related deaths and murders would be stopped.


  11. The problem is that politicians are not making a better way of life, else, people would choose it. Instead, they are murdering people that are only living out their lives the best way they can find. The situation would be the same if drug users/dealers went around killing non users.

  12. I know I will get a backlash with this comment, but it worked if it didn't our streets will look like a city from the west (philadelphia) full of homeless drug addicts unsafe streets for law abiding people. Why are you defending criminals? They will do bad things just to get their fix the past governments didn't do much with drugs look at the streets bad people roaming around killing good people stealing from working people who contributes with our economy. we are scared with the streets back then now we can roam around go to work without any worries. Drug addicts are big liabilities of the country they don't contribute to the economy and they terrorize workers. 1 death of a drug addict saves a 100 good people, if they don't want to be killed then they should stop what they are doing

  13. Unfortunately in the Philippines critical thinking isn't a big thing, suffering is so ingrained in the pysche they shoot themselves in the foot electing who they do. I had a homeless dude who didn't even have shoes shot outside my building, he never bothered anyone, he just helped cars park/pull out into the road. I left the country shortly after.

  14. This is some well covered documentary for sure, quality and information is good.

    But. The moment you guys included a person from rappler to provide an opinion, the credibility just dropped.

    They are full of bullshit beyond means. Most untrustworthy "news" source. Always an agenda to create negative opinions to everything

  15. Vice – with so much experience on researching the war on drugs and the drugs themselves, should formulate a policy on how to take forth the war on drugs. Vice cannot be a hypocrite, by saying we legalize then across the world.

  16. Many victims against his illegal drugs campaign are narco politians who are untouchable because of their connections but when Duterte become a President they are now on hell RIP ALL THE MAYORS, Police who died during his term because they are the protector of illegal drugs thank you President DUTERTE for Protecting us we are Filipinos are so blessed to have a strong leader like you 🇵🇭

  17. It's misleading to say "Even Duterte's own vice president …." as some kinda gotcha moment.

    The vice president is elected separately from the president, and Leni Robredo, the vice president, is a member of the opposition.

  18. What a pathetic state of affairs. Bone poor poverty and living conditions where even the rats live better than the people. The situation is that even nations of wealth have drug problems so although it may be more prevalent in areas of poverty, it is not exclusive. There are many wise men and women throughout the world and none have yet to come up with a solution to the drug problems. However, when China takes over the world, which it is poised to do, being involved in the illegal drug trade which may include illegally importing, exporting, selling or possession of significant amounts of drugs constitute capital offenses and may result in capital punishment for drug trafficking. Whatever the future for drug dealers and addicts may be, it does not look too bright for it always leads to death in one way or another.

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