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  1. Shit happened to me to 😂 made edibals at my friends house and went to welding class and i pretty much slept while standing/leaning against the wall 🤣 i kept nodding. Also my stomach hurt and didnt feel good till i used the bathroom lmao

  2. Bro edibles dont work for me I've ate tons b4 too str8 from cali dispensers ect worked for other people tho I had to smoke.. didn't work at all i need me 1000mg or something lol

  3. Bro had made some edible brownies with like an ounce in the whole 9×9 batch and we ate one each and I swear I couldn’t move from my couch to my bed without feeling like tipping over 😂

  4. Hey mrthc make a video on plug-N-play I been seeing you chief it in videos I want 2 know your thoughts on this product.Mrthc you never did a review on this brand , I hope you make one plus it’s a new idea video and it’s a popular brand 2 you might get sponsored 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I wanted to know your thoughts on this I hope you read this and see this . And Love your videos man been watching for 5 years

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