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  2. Everything in Israel is beta radiation ☢️. Because it’s 4 times cheaper.
    The Israeli health department made a reform for the medical cannabis and it changed the price from 370 nis to 3,000 nis a month. All the cannabis is beta radiation ☢️ and with mold, sterile dead seeds, flies and bad smell. They even use pgr Hormons.

    The sick people (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, cancer, kids on the spectrum, als and many more) are suffering this evil reform made by yuval landshapht and dr boaz lev ( and b.o.l and superpharm)

  3. I am a MMJ patient in Florida and I can easily spend 50-200 for no less than a half (note: LESS than, I can get weight for $50-$200 and we have no tax since its medical). Unfortunately it is limited here like in Israel but we get 2.5oz every 35 days buuut that's on a rolling allotment too which means if you buy an ounce on the first you can not get that back until the 5th of the following month lmfao so its kinda shit if all you use is flower to medicate 🙁

  4. Hey Drew i live in Australia and am medical cannabis patient. Its a similar deal here as can only buy 14gm or 10gm at a time and its also a lot more expensive.

  5. I sure hope you spent time with Palestinian Arabs or even went to the West Bank (easier to get to than Gaza) if you truly went there to educate yourself. You’re only going to get a mostly one sided story if you’re only interacting with people in Israel.

    It’s like people doing birthright and claiming they now have an understanding of the conflict as if they were propagandized for weeks to give Israel the best look possible.

  6. loved the video, but forming your own opinion by visiting just one country is definitely going to give you a biased view brother. Do hope you didnt form any biased views as i have been israel myself and i know how they talk on the situation 🙂

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