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  2. Please do not buy anything from Israel , it should be boycotted [ and is by all decent people ] why? because of the disgusting crimes of murder , ethnic cleansing, war crimes and theft of palastinian land and homes and assests and businesses on an industrial scale [ jaffa oranges for instance stolen from a palastinian company ] .

  3. As an Israeli, it really saddens me how behind we are in legislation and legalization. We really are a country of stoners. Surveys show it, the people on the street walking around mid-day with joints confirm it, we are a country of munchies and vibes. it's illegal, yet almost as common as cigarrettes. That's why smoking near restaurant/bar staff isn't weird at all, and the staff are probably high too anyways.
    Tel Aviv and Haifa would probably be the middle-east's Amsterdams if cannabis was legalized.

    aha, btw. I don't have a medical license, but my Telegram plug is nicknamed "Cookies" with the same logo. I had no idea what the origin was until now xd

    Try Haifa next time you're around, we roll differently 😉

  4. I love your vids but please don’t support them don’t go over there the atrocities that they’re committing right now is insidious people talk about Russias war but what about Israel’s OCCUPATION and terror.

  5. Everything in Israel is beta radiation ☢️. Because it’s 4 times cheaper.
    The Israeli health department made a reform for the medical cannabis and it changed the price from 370 nis to 3,000 nis a month. All the cannabis is beta radiation ☢️ and with mold, sterile dead seeds, flies and bad smell. They even use pgr Hormons.

    The sick people (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, cancer, kids on the spectrum, als and many more) are suffering this evil reform made by yuval landshapht and dr boaz lev ( and b.o.l and superpharm)

  6. You went to the land of the child killers man, these lot literally murder innocent women and children in broad daylight. I tell you what you have actually done that you'll regret, you lost your hood pass in the UK.

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