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  1. Personally, I work on a pot farm. I have no issues with availability or legality in my life. But, are you trying to inform and help those in need of this info, or, are you trying to get the law re written genius!?!?!? Lets call the govt stupid and tell them how they fucked up on a controlled highly monitored platform…this whole vid is on some baby stoner day 1 ass shit 💯

  2. what is the thca numbers and what does the thc test at thats the only thing thats important . so if i understand it right you loss 13%off of thca converting to thc so 40 %thca =27%thc is that correct

  3. that buds look supernice but its not all in looks and earthy and aerthy mi dont like ….if u knew what i was smoking today …..remainings of top bud from my keeper from female Orange/Mandarine x male Mama Ganja f1 seeds ….remaining bcs affids love it 😅 i'm growing 7 or 8 different keepers on balcony and almost none affids on all plants and this one covered completely ….but completely under one big fan leaf about 1000 …all affid flys flied into that plant off all others ….at least my best crem de la crem fat buds are safe ….this Orange mandarin buds look like crap and this secoond flowering was even worsth then first and i got one flowering 3 weeks now but even that ne will not be nice …i'veput same soil andeverything like this champion looking plants but something aint right with that plant or thats just the way it is …..i know why affids fly only in that one ……supernice high ….full indica relax to stone and upupupupuplifting high at the same time ….very special …i will keep it only bcs of high …and smell on your fingers whileyou cut buds with scissors andaroma when smoked ….that is onlything that matters after all …whats inside not looks …i got other plants for looks with gigantic fat colabuds ….one more week and my special creamy line is finally ready for harvest after loooooooong 2HOOOOT summer

  4. Thca has been a life saver and game changer for me. Been ordering it for almost a year now. It may come in the mail with the package opened up and taped but it makes it to me. Always a note to the pigs and post office stating its legality

  5. Indiana surgeon general decided that all smokable hemp cannot be sold. Because of his opinion that he thinks it’s bad. So all shops that sold them had to take all smokable hemp must be taken off the shelves. So I guess his opinion can trump the federal hemp bill.

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