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  1. Yeah I don't want to be around my family sober either my aunts are no fun and unfortunately it is not a cruelty free dinner I wish I was in Pennsylvania I have family in Pennsylvania actually and they are vegan so I think that would be more fun because most of the stuff I can eat anyway as long as it's so free and gluten free so it would be a lot more fun but yeah the family I have now I do not want to be around sober that's for sure. LOL

  2. I love your Shelties they're beautiful particularly your brown and white one that was my absolute first dog I ever had and if people don't know it Shelties not actually Miniature Collies they are breed themselves. Your dogs are adorable

  3. Do you add this concentrate stuff to your holiday dinners do you make edibles with it I put my extract in My Vegan turkey I'm allergic to me I'll meet except fish I consider myself a flexitarian because I eat fish occasionally but I'm mostly vegetarian or vegan

  4. Yeah I lost mine for a while I live in the state of Ohio I didn't have the money I'm on a low fixed income so even though it's $100 to renew my card for the appointment to see the doctor and then 25 for the card because I'm legally disabled it's still a lot of money I'm on a little fixed income this year though thankfully my mom actually helped pitch in because she knows how much it helps and she was very much against it and very worried about it. Now she understands that it really does help me it helps my ADHD it helps my pain and my inflammation and because she's seen that and she knows that I don't really smoke it I'm more of a tea and edible person but I have a dryer Vape so I recycle the decarb and I put it in my magic butter maker and I make my own Edibles or I buy Edibles or THC oil. I'm still high from last night I had two of the caramels I don't like these caramels very well the taste of them though but I am mostly vegetarian and I don't like butter that's not vegan because it's just doesn't agree with me I don't judge other people that do that but for me it's not right for me have their restrictions I know my body. So I like vegan butter in my edibles so I free but made from oils so that's why I prefer to make my own Edibles so that I know that they're vegan and their dairy-free I did not like the flavor of them I've made much better caramels never with THC but would like to try I had a total of the three of the caramels and I am still blasted they were only 10 mg a piece. It's not fun being without your card but I have a buddy he's got connection so I didn't go without. I'm not in it for recreation I am in it for pain as well as my ADHD and stuff

  5. Love your shit dude I'm in Oklahoma and I was wondering if I would be able to use my card at your shop if I ever came through, not sure if you would know the answer to that question, but I figured it never hurts to ask.
    Lol I love you man keep the content flowing, much love 💘

  6. This is exactly why I enjoy hemp products so much. They can be fire and no dispensaries or med cards needed. HHC is my favorite canabinoid even over the Delta 9-THC we all know and love.

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