Third Eye Grower – Mars Hydro dual SP3000’s End of week 5 flower Barney’s Farm8Ballkush TNB Naturals

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  1. Commented on a older video about running a sealed room with Co2 im hoping you might see this comment.
    I purchased a 500$ dual hose AC after watching your smoke video showing how it runs, but things aren't going so well. and now that I've further researched it like I should have before purchasing I'm getting conflicting information. I'm in a 12x12x7ft room using a 20lb tank on a bluelab controller blasting through a tank in 4-5 days. Room is properly sealed only thing I can think is its somehow being sucked out any ideas you can toss me on what could cause this would be much appreciated.

  2. I'm lookin forward to getting my TNB slap for my grow wall 👍 Love your content 💯👍 Keep it grooo' in ✌️🌱🪴🌱✌️ Plants are Beauty's 👊👍👊

  3. Sup my bro your killing it over there my bro i been trying to keep in touch but ig deleted my ig account man i wish i could win some enricher my plants outdoors need it this year is hoter then shit its good to hear from you guys TNB all day

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