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  1. it feels so good being able to smoke where you normally wouldn't. I was in Denver in 2018 and convinced the hibachi chef to let us do a dab off the cook top and it made the whole trip

  2. Damn I used to love dabs.. used to dab since 2011 when it first started to be popular.. love the wax best feeling in the world can’t beat it.. but my lungs can’t handle it.. how do you smoke so much and still be ok? At this point I switched to a pen and my cough is gone.. not messing around with dabs no more it’s copds giver

  3. That's crazy I'm surprised they didn't say nothing because when I was in Beverly hills when I lived in la I heard that it was illegal for you to smoke cigarettes out there will any type of smoke really at least that's what my cousin was say

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