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  1. The Lebanese Jaj-a-Rez is watered-down version of the Gulf Kabsa, which in turn is a watered-down version of the Indian Biryani. Take a shortcut to flavor town and go straight to Biryani. Jaj-A-Rez is baby food in my opinion, not adult taste.

  2. I love love love the chef!!! But the recipe does not look very good to me. Can you please have him on to cook more though? I'm sure his food is delicious and I love his aesthetic and energy!

  3. The Arabic word for rice is pronounced more like the work "rook", but with a Z at the end. It shouldn't be "Riz", it should be more like "Rooz" or "ruz".

  4. Looks yummy. Thank you. My grandmother only baked fruitcake for Christmas. My grandfather cooked all the meals since he was retired. He grew his own veggies and had a huge bay tree in back yard.good times

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