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  1. 9:20 now I'm not sayin this true buuuuut I was born in May and my brother was born in December and we huge stoners and we get together and get high, we some of the funniest MF I ever met 🤣🤞

  2. Man. I dunno how I feel seeing kids smoking in here. You gotta wait till you're outta highschool. There is a reason ya'll are "addicted". Ya'll never learned how to deal with yo shit without puffin' on something. Juul or dab pen.

  3. dude drugs have a bad reputation but sometimes waking up and doing the same thing every day makes you feel shit so you go and explore have a bush walk on shrooms go on a spiritual adventure, or have fun with friends, music sounds better food tastes better and for a little while you forget about your shitty day job and just enjoy life.

    if everyone was stoned there wouldn't be as much violence in the world

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