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  1. Fuckin hate how some poser stoners act like badasses talking shit like that guy who says "You guys are pussies" . Being a stoner and rude don't match. Grow the fuck up and have some respect kiddos.

  2. ahh gotcha bro, thanks for the explanation I was way confused. I got the hev3 also and it stops making hits at about 3 or 4 dabs also.. now I have a word for it =P

  3. Yes the nail is heated. but when you add an outside source (oil) that ISNT the same temp as the nail to said nail its obviously going to COOL it down. because its not the same temp as the nail. so with a dab like that it is possible to have it cool the nail to the point where it isnt vaporizing the oil. we call it freezing the nail. i got a highly educated T3 nail and we can get 4 dabs barely back to back off one heat. so i was surprised when he took that huge dab. understand?

  4. @splift3d get your head on straight and smoke weed dont just medicate and lay around depressed use the medicine to help you do fun things idk just saying thats what i did and i got right with God

  5. @MeSoBaked huh? i assume ur replying to something i said long enough ago that i dont remember at all, may b check the date of a comment before u reply cuz i have nooo idea what ur talking about

  6. hahahaha I'm guessing 3 minutes after that monster dab you either A.) Passed out .B) Raided your fridge and ate everything in sight or C.) Smoked more. which one was it TDS?

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