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  1. Finally a video that talks about the EFFECT.
    I have a question, if I may, and it's only my opinion, since I only smoked for 43 years. To me, all the new strains are THC oriented, the bag appeal, the purples, the taste, aroma, yield, how fast it can finish, etc…
    Again, in my opinion, the industry is getting as snob as the wine industry. A
    lso, the effects of the last 25 years are mostly a sledgehammer between the eyes… I hate to disapoint any kiddo, but the strains of the 60's and 70's all had their own effect, depending where they came from. Oh, that's a rare word these days, the effect.
    Many seedbanks only talk about the effect this way: It's the dank, the Fire, it's strong…
    We could tell an Afghani would relax and chill you in 10min., then it creeped in, in about 20min., time slowed down and at high dosage, it would put you asleep. Some batches, you had a slight hangover feeling the next day.
    Columbian Gold was the Queen of the Universe. It was extremely strong, very psychedelic, almost like those old movies with the strobe effect. One pin joint for 3 solid smokers would do it. It lasted hours.
    Let's not forget the Thai stick, the Hawaiian, Jamaican, Vietnamese Black, Panama Red, and the famous Kashmir hash!!!
    To wrap up this long rant, I would give 10 pounds of recent strains, for an ounce of Colombian Gold of the old days! Even if it smelled like hay, looked like a dried fluffy empty bud, tasted like pepper, but the effect was fantastic.
    Never judge a book by it's cover! The sad part is I threw thousands of seeds away while rolling pinners…!!! Just my 2 cents! Cheers

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