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  1. I would just like to pin this here.
    Every strain that i go through in this video is my opinion on a strain from a specific experience/place/pheno/terpene…. and not just me saying 'oh well then i dont like this white widow because it didn't get me stoned'. That would be idiotic.

    Not sure why so many people in this comment section just assume what the video is about, or skim the title cards and go off saying "you cant just say that strain is bad'… to which i will always say… Watch the damn video.

    Just some comments like 'no bad strains just bad growers' doesn't even fit with this video?
    Part of this i literally say the reason why i don't like haze is because half the shops in amsterdam spray flavour on it… What does that have to do with a grower?
    Or the fact i can't stand orange bud because it gives me headaches from the terps…. Not from flushing, from the terpenes. A different grow doesn't change the orange terpenes in orange bud.
    Most people have a terpene they can't smoke.
    Can't even wrap my head around some of the comments here.

    I know that most of you are sane human beings, but i thought i'd leave this here for all the people that comment without watching…

  2. If you avoid widow that’s because you’ve had shit widow simple as that. Claiming no flavour etc is bullshit.. the stuff my mate used to grow was an old pheno you can’t get anymore and it absolutely stunk to fuck and the taste was like being smacked in the mouth with weed flavour with no gimmicks and strong as hell..
    I think you claiming you know it all because you’ve been here and there means nothing it’s about the growers at the end of the day and quality of strain that grower has..
    Widow has a reputation amongst old heads for a reason.. I see holes in a lot of things you say and you chat quite a bit of shit to be honest

  3. now i know he knows fuck all pinapple express done right is unreal i can smoke 7-14 g in a day thats norm for me i smoked 8-9 draws off 1 joint and had to pass it same j went around 4 lads no one could finish it turned to puff pass by accident because it was hard to have more than 1 toke it was that strong lol do not avoid pinapple express hands down the one i had was the strongest smoke of my life been smoking 18 years

  4. worst strain i ever had is hands down strawberry sherbet, u can smoke like a gram and u get a high for about an hour and its not even a good high, my dealer literally gave me it for the price of £5 a gram because nobody wanted it and he wanted to get rid of it

  5. Bruh deff some old mids that were put in a bad with orange peels to soften em up and get a little orange aroma and yea shit was out here 2007 bahahah* in the east coast*

  6. the pinapple express i had was rather week not the strongest strain .. glad i tried it one to avoid for me tho i think .. the strain i hate the most is prob anything straight kush .. makes me cough any og kush (uk strain) is the nuts tho ! love them ! my fav prob alien dawg or cookie dawg .. love some ol school cheese too just bit more rarer

  7. The "Pineapple Express" wed get in Minneapolis 2012ish, i was told was pineapple skunk crossed with ed Rosenthal superbud and it was quite potent and pineappley.
    As Far as Headache strains ive had batches of Jack Herer and Super silver haze that would trigger them.
    I really gotta recommend trying Barneys farm Red Diesel(Cali Orange bud x NYC Diesel) im not a huge Orange terps fan, always reminds me of Mid grade Commercial Brick weed of the 1990s, but Red Deez was so unique, it tasted like Olives, sour grapefruit flavored with hints of Gasoline and sharp orange zest. Great short rugged production plant with stacked thick nugs, balanced motivated high with surprisingly solid thcV content.

  8. You say you have tried white widow…. but have you really? Was it from a pre1995 cut of the original cross? And people love it for the punch in the face. And if you really have tried it then you would understand…. there is something special about old school cultivars millennials don't get… your lucky to have grown up during legalization… before then strains like this were super potent and had more flavor then some Mexican ditch weed filled with seeds.. (Not being racist but they are known for massive low quality out door grows.. Quality as good as if you found a wild plant in the ditch to smoke.)

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