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  1. Can you please refer me to a lab. I need for my dog a complete stool annalise with parasite.
    I feed my dog gluten free, no GMO, no pesticides or hormones ..(Holistic) brand from Walmart. Lately I think he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, EPI. All symptoms he's got them. I give e him full daily vitamins and minerals with probiotics. Just ordered ENZYME DIAN, got it today.
    I would love to have his insides analyzed for whatever I'm missing. Iv done the day fast and now his beginning stool is normal and all…… but near the end of the same exercise it comes out like puree??
    Please help

  2. I love to watch my dogs eat. Enjoy preparing food for them as well. So, being a retired mom and gr. mom My pets have the attention they love. This video is one I will save. Thank you. I hope Tula is feeling much better now.

  3. I recently started feeding my dog homemade food. He turned 13 years old and was always on dry dog food until this past year (January/February) when he started having dental issues. So I switched to can dog food, 75 cents can, not cheapest thing vs dry bag food but I didn't want him in pain. Next thing I know he lost almost all his teeth, had awful yeasty skin, plus started having seizures and was very VERY confused. Last 6 months have been terrible for him! I found this channel about 4 weeks ago and literally watched every episode of "veterinarian secrets" at 3am while he was up wandering around house, acting lost. I put him on homemade dog food diet, added MCT oil to food, plus vitamin D, started him on CBD oil once day. And im happy to say that he's seizure free for 13 days now, which is a record for him. He still is somewhat lost, and wanders in night which makes me think he has doggie dementia but I'm trying to help him best I can. Without dr Andrew I'd be lost

  4. I have lost two dogs within a month, i lost the 2nd one last night, i've been trying to find answers online… a lot of people complaining about pedigree killing their dogs./wire in the food/the little pouches… and guess what.. my dogs were eating the same thing.. and found wire material in their food….

  5. oh that canned food is called pedigreed and there dry food made my dogs have seizures and poop blood so i started cooking from home turns out they have allergies to several things and are now on raw food so much easier to not have them sick

  6. Dr.Andrew, I'm so glad i found your channel. IM a parapledgic with a service dog that is a Chihuahua. I recently found out he has a bad liver.He is 6yrs of age. How.can I help him Get his liver better. PLZ HELP. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY. THK U.

  7. Organic dog food is ridiculously expensive. Someone who rescues dogs and has ten can not realistically spend $60 on a single bag of dog food. Not when I need 100 pounds of dry kibble per month, not including beef and organs given raw. It is more feasible to petition companies to do better by our dogs than to shoot ourselves in the foot contributing to the continued high rise costs in the multi-billion dollar a year pet food industry. An industry that overcharges for food they have no oversight for. An industry that utilizes road kill to cut costs. An industry that delivers petroleum byproducts to our pets because they take huge paydays from poison companies and subsidies from our own governments to dispose of these chemicals. The USDA created a new scale, GRAS (generally regarded as safe), to help. The complicity is abusive. We allow these companies, and there are only 3 who produce every brand on store shelves, to kill our animals and refuse to take responsibility for doing so. We allow our government to deny knowledge while simultaneously protecting these same companies! Our animals trust us to take care of them and keep them safe. It seems we are unwilling to do better by them. It's easier to lie to ourselves and fall into the marketing trap, "If you love them, it doesn't matter how much it costs." Contact "the cheaper food" makers, since they are the same as the ripoff organic companies, demand they do better! Every animal deserves the best. It should not depend on how much money the owners make.

  8. I had some old phone books and one of my dogs was being nervous and I let him have a phone book to shred. My other males wanted to mount him after he eaten part of a book. I heard about printers ink and BPA so I took the phone book away from him and after a few days the other males stopped trying to mount and sniff him. It's true. BPA changed my dog into a gay dog, but it was temporarily.

  9. I give my dogs a mixed rotation of meat, organ meat, spinach, carrots, sweet potates, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, green beans, cottage cheese, sardines, salmon, oatmeal, hard cheese, apples, pears, etc. when I have time to cook. I usually get high end canned dog food when I am too lazy to cook and high quality dry food. I make my own dog treats too. Some people think that I am spoiling the dogs. I do supply vitamins and supplements to the home made food. There are many things that the pet food industry are still hiding from us.

  10. The breeder I bought my 18 month old from weaned the pups on to adult form of that awful tinned food you are talking about. I switched her off it immediately. Pups were not handled or put outside. Bad breeder. Puppy with lots of issues now after months she is great . Well done for bringing these things up. 🙂 A bit like that food needs bringing up lol 🙂 . Thank you . You must feed bone with raw meat else the calcium/phosphorous levels get messed up.

  11. My sister rescued a puppy a couple months ago. As I'm sure you know most dogs eats every meal like it's their last. We noticed he had the worms so she dewormed him…just recently he started eating his own poo! She tried putting a ball in his bowl so he has to slow down and work for his food, it do seem to be working a little but he still has a munch every now and then. I was wondering if you had some advice for my sister to try? Thanks!

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