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  1. This hilarious Thai's didn't traditionaly put weed in there food lol this is all marketing overnight here in (Thailand) ..They have put weed in items from toothpaste to bubble tea in the last month and stupid fucking Farang tourist buy the shit. Same Farangs they pay 1000 baht for a taxi, or Tuk Tuk or 800 baht for Khao pad with some weed sprinkled on top 😂😆

  2. Hey @Munchies, was it intentional to have such an ignorant and ambivalent host for this video? All shes seems to ask is ‘Will this get me high’? It’s like having a teen host a show about wine and all they want to know is ‘will this get me drunk’?

  3. Went to my Thai gfs house in northern Thailand. Her mom made soup with weed and I got high as hell. Didn’t know there was weed in it till about an hour after I ate it. Had no idea why I felt so out of it till her mom told me lol

  4. Cannabis in Thai cooking makes the most sense. The bitter and umami elements can be incorporated into most traditional dishes like Thai curries and Laab.

    Most people in the comments can’t appreciate the actual flavor it brings in food cus they’re using it the wrong way or only care about the recreational high. Cannabis is an herb just like Bay Leaf, Basil, and Oregano. You wouldn’t enjoy any of those herbs in edibles like brownies too right?

  5. People high on weed get the munchies & have fun vs drunk people become violent and obnoxious. Hurry up and legalise it everywhere.

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