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  1. Your information is always so very wrong. You can smoke cannabis in your own home in every state but, you are not allowed to possess cannabis outside your home for personal use only. As for sharing your crop in legal states, you can give a small amount of cannabis to anyone for free. You can not trade it for currency or anything else but you can give it away. In fact this is the best way to ensure your not doing anything illegal. Since the federal government will only go after you for selling cannabis for federal reserve system notes but that subject is an entirely different ball of wax and a rabbit hole. That high people should not tread.

  2. Depends on the country, ahhhh kinda depends on the strain, don't drive high, don't give, false, I want to say true (considering my siblings friends), the high is temporary but the health conditions aren't, depends on what it's for, true, I don't live in London so idk but yes you can buy cannabis seeds. This was an interesting one. I feel like most youth today don't smoke cannabis and if they do they don't stick to it. Medical cannabis can have THC in it, it just depends on what it is for

  3. I live in Washington State so needless to say I get to smoke different strains and, the cross breeding going on some of the Sativa strains suppress appetites, and certain Indica strains, you literally can't stop eating, down to eating a can of green beans cold, after devouring every type of chips, sweets, ice cream, in the house thenTaco Bell, and Jack in the box.
    It is wonderful living in a state such as Washington, also I scored 8-10 🕺

  4. I disagree with the one answer about sharing your crops with neighbors or friends.
    In the united states it is called gifting to a friend or whoever (it's a way to get around the sale of the product) if you know what I mean?
    But the gifting is done legally in shops that are not registered with the state. It's in a bill that was passed not too long ago.
    I can understand your answer if you were talking about the UK..

  5. kupowanie w london seeds centre jest legalne ale wysyłanie za granicę nasion już legalne nie jest w wielu krajach na świecie i przykładowo tak jest w Polsce. Oczywiście nikt nikogo nie ściga bo trudno wykryć kilka nasion ale przepis istnieje.

  6. głupie pytania to i głupie odpowiedzi… Nie ma problemu w jaraniu i prowadzeniu pojazdów co udowodnił test CNN kilka lat temu a jak pytacie o konopie to nie mówcie o narkotykach! Nie pytacie o przepisy a czy jest ok więc po co wylatujecie z przepisami jako odpowiedź na pytanie? skoro prowadzenie pod wpływem narkotyków jest zakazane to dlaczego policja nie zatrzymuje kulturystów, którzy biorą sterydy, które są narkotykiem? Dyskryminacja użytkowników MJ na całym świecie

  7. I will answer these as someone with 4 years in the legal cannabis industry, in Alberta Canada (as each province has differing legislation)

    1. only on private property with permission from the owner of the property.

    2. most strains will increase appetite but cannabis withdraws can absolutely suppress your appetite

    3. No. know your limits and stay within them.

    4. You absolutely can do this in Canada. as long as you're gifting it and not receiving money in return.

    5. Everyone has differing experiences on cannabis, while curtain criteria can influence the effects (Indica, Sativa ect.) it is important it experiment at your own pace.

    6. about 20% of Canada smokes cannabis while about 15% of youth 18-20 claim to be daily smokers.
    7. most of the effects are temporary but many effects of long term use (such as depression) can last indefinitely (more long term studies need to be completed to determine long term effects)
    8. (your voice over did not match the graphic) but I also disagree with your answer as 'medical cannabis' is not an indicator of THC levels, you can get medical cannabis for THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and soon CBV (Here)
    9. ABSOLUTELY you'd be lucky to find 10-15% in the 2000's despite what the dealers told you
    10. we can buy seeds from anywhere as long as its less than 30

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