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  1. Watch Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccsigjEBHQ
    Also before you ask, i completely forgot what a meringue was before filming lol.

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  2. Do you use eye drops for every video? I know a lot of people have high red eye tolerance but yours look way too white or you are just inmune, would be pretty cool making a video of you smoking until they get super red while smoking some good stuff like your videos aswell

  3. I'm moving to Exeter on Semptember any of you guys know what the weed seen look like there? I don't wanna get ripped by some young lads there. I need me some local dealer

  4. Bro I've in Sussex im 37 and I've smoked since I was very young daily and I am so sick of bying average dirty adh weed.
    I finally bought some cali packs at 2 for 100 and yh very buttery wernt real I can't see weed that burns greyvn crackles was real cali. I do get some amazing bits sometimes .for about 180ish.
    But basically please I need a real link for packs!! I can't afford to be ripped off again as its my medicine.
    I would be so appreciated a real link at good prices. I can send u more details im in Sussex UK

  5. drew where do you get all these strains i would travel the uk to get different strains im kind of addicted to buyin flavours i currently have banana kush key lime pie blue cheese gorrilla glue an 2 hazes haha im still wanting more i feel like the better strains help me with my depression and anxiety

  6. Drew I don’t know if you know this but that lighting it for a long time like you do is actually better for flavour. By lighting it and making sure it’s toasted before you take the first hit your not ruining the first hit by toking it whilst lighting it like a lot of people do. That way the first hit is the sort of cleanest hit of terps you can get before the smoke gets dragged through the joint.

    It’s the same sort of concept with cigar smokers they will lightly toast the end of the cigar sometimes for 5 minutes+ just to get a clean light before taking that, as they call it, virgin hit.

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