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  1. Tula needed a bath by the dirt in the tub when she got all nice and clean. She's such a good girl. Bet she feels a lot better as everyone does after a good rub a dub dubbin. God bless

  2. How lovely! I wish I could get my Dobie into a bath-tub… she won’t have a bar of it and she’s too big to fight with. Sooooo… the next best thing for her, since she has a very short, single coat, is I get some warm water, rub some oatmeal soap into it and put some bicarbonate of soda in and use a brush to dip into the water and then I brush her… like a sponge bath, because she usually prefers to lie down. A quick towel dry, section by section as we go, and she’s done! Not even a hint of that wet-dog smell, either 😊

  3. Tula is soooo good!!! ❤❤ my 6 month old puppy RUNS for his life. I have to sit in the tub, legs inside, so I can keep a grip on him while bathing lol lol I dream of the day where he behaves just like this during baths 😂

  4. Tula my three Alaskan Malamutes had a bath too yesterday screamed like they were being murdered when I hosed them down in the garden. Shame on my over dramatic sled dogs. You really rocked and rolled it Tula.

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