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  1. It happened to a relative of ours! Lost her whole damn savings and had to sell her house, probably to the same mother fuckers that scammed her! Fuck the internet! I hope it goes down! As people know more about this, the internet will go down. I Don't agree with saying that someone is ignorant so it's their fault. None of us know everything and to take advantage of innocent people that have worked hard for their money only to be tricked, is wrong dude, I don't care where you come from. People wanna act gangsta but have no fucking moral code so in my eyes, they ain't shit but shit!

  2. It's sad that people fell like they have to have a blue check to be someone, pathetic to pay for it.
    It's the equivalent to buying a first place 🏆 and never played the game.
    No win for the poor sucker who paid.
    They just get their comments seen.
    Twitter sucks balls now.

  3. I literally had a girl today on twitter (been there 2 months) and the girl posting (really hot) photos.
    Started to dm me just today, im not making this up.
    totally played it all. I saw a european port on the pictures and knew it was a scammer 🤣called out the outlet and they stopped talking instantly!

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