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  1. I would tell them in no way I'm I ever putting my furbaby in an closed compartment or I would demand a refund an leave the plane. I think this person should be able to sue the airline for neglect! 😔

  2. I don’t believe the owner. He has no common sense ???? Who would listen to a flight attendant and put his dog in the overhead compartment?

    If somebody tells you to put a plastic bag over your baby or dogs face. Would you do that???

    I would get out of the plane. I would open the emergency exit. A flight attendant is not a judge or a policeman. I would say: NO, I’m not putting my dog in there. Period.

    That makes no sense. The owner wants money $$$$$ and free flights for life.

    Believe me. There’s people like that.

  3. When it comes to innocent children and animals, it astounds me how obvious cruelty can be dismissed so easily. I suffer from mild asthma and can’t even breathe thinking of a confined place like that. United should be seriously scrutinized and punished for their past and present bad judgments. Boycott now!

  4. i have one more flight that is already paid for and I can't change, but i'm not giving them any more business after that. i already booked my other flights on other airlines. i've experienced such shitty customer service with them and their whole company is complete trash.

  5. Unbelievable that a dog brought into the cabin would die. Also why would United not know that they have a dog as they charge an arm and a leg for the dog to be in the cabin. They need to take responsibility. And perhaps begin issuing the animal a ticket or a special tape to be attached to the dog carrier.

  6. So tragic for that innocent puppy. I cried it’s so sad. But why agree to your puppy going overhead. I would have argued and fought to keep the puppy with me and looked for support from other passengers. Everyone should boycott United. A senseless act bless you poor pup.

  7. United Airlines have the worst customer service period. Obviously the top executives do not care about their passengers or animals. I wouldn't fly United airlines. They need to be bought out by Delta. The emoyees if an organization is a reflection of leadership.

  8. What happened with the mother? Was this mother so stressed with her kids that she could not stand up to the United flight attendants? Where was her ego strength. Never will I fly United.

  9. We should all boy cot United. Maybe they won't feel any distress from that family, why can't we all get on board? If we don't fly perse would could still talk about it. Someone should start a page. I'll check back to see if someone has come up with something.

  10. They would have to put me in jail because I would have caused a huge scene. I would have told the flight attendant to get in the bin and see how long she would last. United was wrong, but the owner should never ever allow this to happen. How could anyone sit there and listen to their puppy barking, and you know the flight attendant heard it.

  11. The flight attendant should be sacked.  The family should have been more assertive and not allowed the dog to be put in the overhead carrier.  This was not an accident as stated by United Airlines.  It was plain stupidity and gross cruelty.  RIP

  12. There is no way that could have been my puppy. I would not have needed assistance from any other passenger to get my dog out of that compartment. Firstly, I would never have put him in there as that is not the rule. They would have had to land and take me off the plane by force. Then I would have sued there socks off.

  13. I am very angry at the flight attendants and the airlines. I will never fly United. I sure would have gotten off the plane and made my complaint then. What about the other passengers, I know if I was there that dog would not have died. How cruel can people be!!! My prayers go out to this family. What a horrible way to die for this little pup!!!

  14. 😢 I'm just plain Angry, sick to my stomach, and sad at the same time Dr. Andrew. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm going to share this to every social media I have. And tell as people as I can. This Airline should be boycotted, bankrupt, and totally put out of business. Blessings💝

  15. United should be brought up on animal cruelty charges and this woman should never be trusted as a pet guardian again.
    NO ONE for ANY reason could make me put my dog in an overhead compartment! Would she put her baby in an overhead compartment? Why was it okay to put her baby dog in one?
    Just horrific! United will NEVER get a dime of my money!

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