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  1. I know absolutely nothing about veterinary medicine, but having animals my entire life that go to the vet. What I found out floor me that all animals get the same amount of a vaccine no matter if it’s a Chihuahua or a Mountain dog they get the same ml of vax that could be causing it.

  2. My vet told me Camalina oil is changing veterinary medicine. Good for neurology, gut health/immune system, joint health, free radical damage because of its great Omega fatty acid concentration & their ratios! 1:2:😃

  3. IMO, one of the things we are doing wrong is giving your pet dry kibbles. I believe dry kibbles are full of preservatives that lead to cancer. Years ago, I started adding 1 cup of hot water with the kibbles and let the kibbles steep for 20mins before serving. The water dilutes the preservatives and allows your pets body to process the food.

  4. I went too two different vets ,one said his he has digestive health problems, the other vet said he needs surgery for hernia mind you she didn't even take an xray…and she wants to neuter him ,he still has his behind is still swollen … I believe is the dog foods it's straight up poison

  5. Thank you so much for all your help with our pets.
    I agree totally that there must be a reason that dogs are getting cancer like never before. In my opinion it is over vaccinating, over medicating and commercial diets.
    Your tips are so very helpful.
    Thank you, thank you!❤️🇦🇺

  6. Is this one also good NOW Foods Quercetine with bromelaïne? Of is it better without bromelaïne? I hope you can help me!

  7. All my dogs have lived to well into their teens, the oldest were twins who died at 17 years. Out of at least 19 I have had over the years only 1 died of cancer, 1. That is in the UK though.

  8. My cockapoo has skin problems, she's about 9 lbs. She's 10 yrs old. I found Quercitin 500 mg in capsules, how much should I give her? If she doesn't take medication, she gets really bad. Please, please advice.

  9. Thank you for your honesty about medications. They're after the money, although sometimes you have to give them those drugs. I've been using homeopathy for over 30 years and it has helped my dogs A LOT! I prefer natural remedies like you do 😊🌻

  10. What is the dosage of Quercetin for 48lbs 1yo amstaff? She is on prednisone for way too long and even though I dropped the dosage 1/4 on every second day but on days she is off she's scratching herself like crazy… how can I move her on quercetin instead?

  11. I so grateful for the information you provide and your courage in bucking the system! Just wish you were near to me so I could bring my fur babies to see you when needed. Meanwhile, I watch your videos each time one comes out. Thank you!

  12. I agree that we are over medicating our dogs. I’ve noticed that the veterinary world of medicine is mirroring the human medical world. The other day my dogs vet wanted to start treatment of….. I told him to shove those treatments up his ass. Dogs are being used as tools for big pharma, and the vets are towing the line. They can all go to hell.

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