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  1. I have a question. My friend just noticed her dog is way too friendly with the neighbor she doesn't know very well. He keeps making remarks of the dog been an excellent dog for protection. He persisted in taking her dog for a walk. Now her dog scratches the door waiting to go out to be with the neighbor. He is a very strong dog. It seems her neighbor has been training her dog to obey him and not her through her fence. She has lost control over her dog. How can she get her dog back. He scratches and cries at the door. Her neighbor has control over Bob. What can she do? Her neighbor has this weird obsession over her dog he even wants to buy a mussel for him? I don't trust him.

  2. My dog has 2 unusuals. The strangest is at feeding time, she'll lay down and fold her paws under her front legs as I get it ready. Not at an angle, but perfectly aligned tucked under so her "knees" are sticking out like an amputee! She has to shift around to get them just right, it looks very uncomfortable as she waits for her meal. Very prim and proper. The second is also food related. I leave some dry out for daily nibbles, and she never eats that like a normal dog would. She treats the beans like a cat would a mouse. Picking one out of her bowl then spitting it on the floor, hitting it with her paw to make it bounce up and chasing it, playing with it like a toy. She's 12 years old, so not exactly just a puppy having fun!

  3. She obviously just learned to entertain herself on the walks and using her hunting skills/play, then there is always a leash and the end of the weird behavior that could get her hurt. Here in NY we must leash our dog on state lands and they must leave things alone, as the humans should and it usually keeps everyone safe even the wildlife. She is a great dog and glad you adopted her. What about dogs that are just so silly and unfocused, any games you can think of to bring them around to paying attention for longer periods of time? Thanks.

  4. my pekinse freaks out of nowhere and runs around and runs under our bed and we doin't allow him too do that and he never has after we trained him not to what can I do to prevent this

  5. hey dr jones i have a qustion i my dog will scratch our door frame by the door at our a apartment and destroying The door frame and as I said in the first part we my husband and I live in apartment and I do not want to lose our apartment just because of the dog destroying their property can you please give me an advice of what I can do to stop this while you every time we go out he does this

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