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  1. This sad news sparked about Bruce is felt whole heartily. I seriously felt what you all had to say in regard about it and been keeping what B-Real says in mind about treasuring your time with your loved ones why they are still here.

  2. Nice comments about the current sitch…really hard to connect the future to the past…do your best to fathom Now & the outcome…seems to be more difficult than expected or projected…much love all U Holmes

  3. B real is spot on about family and being there. Me and my old man didn't talk for 15 yrs through a big fall out and my mum would say you'll both regret that. My dad passed 7 yrs ago and we never made up its the only regret I have and you can't turn the clocks back

  4. Sad situation All, I'm battling CTE with Medical Marijuana & CBD products, Got my bell rung in Fellujah 2004 (USMC) and again in Ramadi 2006, Balistic helmet can only do so much, (2 rounds snuck through)(traumatic brain injury)
    I wish Mr. Willis well sad situation
    Big up from The Bronx Zoo
    Alive Day 5-27-06
    Take care of your health people, their is no cure for CTE as well Been dealing with this for a minute

  5. My Pawpaw- my Mum's Dadda – did the same. He remembered everyone except me. I remembered when I visited and he received a phone call he told an aunt that he has to can them back because he has a friend that was visiting.
    Broke my heart. When I left, I sat in the car and cried. All the way from GA to SC, I cried.

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