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  1. We have a 12 year old dog that can’t control himself. He was neutered at a very young age. Are there natural remedies for male dogs? Rather try the natural way first. We take care of our dogs very well. My dog weights about 12 lbs. Thank You 😊

  2. My 3 yr old staffy has developed what they believe to be estrogen responsive incontinence as her urinalysis and blood work has come back fine. They prescribed her Proin, but I am reading alot of scary side effects and pet parents who believe Proin contributed to the downfall of their beloved furbabies. I have only given my girl 2 doses but I am leaning towards stopping all together and trying one or multiple of these home remedies. Would you suggest them in conjunction or just one or the other? Shes just began having the incontinence issue so im hoping I can help her naturally as I prefer to stay away from medications.

  3. Hi my Poodle has had a UTI, he has minerals and has been given given antibiotics and he is eating Urinary SO … I wanted to know if Can I give him Green Tea Honey and Lemon?

  4. My big mutt 10 years old. He is active still eating ok swimming ..he is neutered. Vet said there is some kind of calcification ,tumor, something in his prostate. He was having trouble emptying his bladder. He is on Amoxicilin w clav. Prednisone 20mg 2x day and prosacin once a day. He dribbles all the time , he is peeing a little a few squirts. Wondering what else I can do. I am also giving him Saw Palmetto Dr whitakers prostate capsules and prebiotic

  5. Doc I'm scared to death I've spent hundreds of dollars to figure out what's wrong with my Dogo Argentino. He's been peeing/leaking in sleep. The vet said it can be prostatitis or bacterial infection. I'm stressing out please help.

  6. Hi! I really like your videos, they are truly informative. I have a cat, her name is Lazuli and is almost 14 years old. CKD around Stage 3 numbers, had a bad UTI for about three months until we managed to get rid of it. She has been good moodwise and in appetite, but unfortunately during antibiotic treatment she started presenting incontinence issues. She also has arthritis, specially in her back legs.

    The incontinence often shows up while she is sleeping. She relaxes the muscles and will start peeing. Also, I have noticed that she does not really like to enter to the litter box unless it is to poo. I have two boxes, and two cats (Lazuli and her son, both Siamese) both boxes are more or less high, I'm trying to get an appropiate one for her age and condition. Could jumping in and out of the box be bothering her?

    For this kind of incontinence, is there any supplement that can be given?

    Thanks a lot

  7. I had a lively husky, German Shepherd cross. For the 1st 4 years she just stayed outside all the time. Then I heard of mineral concentrate for women and thought I would try it on my little gurl. It worked except when I forgot to give it to her. She was then able to go on our vacations with us. I will know what to use if it ever happens to me or any member of my family.

  8. My 9 yr old GSD has become progressively more and more unable to use his back legs due to a spinal issue, and recently, he has not been going to the bathroom outside, but has had accidents inside. Then, today, he hasn't gone pee or poop at all… Can you help me? What's wrong?

  9. Dear Dr. Jones. What would be the word to use if your vet refuses to listen to your reports of a medication causing serious side effects in your pet and instead he tells you that your pet HAS TO finish the whole medicine even when you insist it's harming it ?

  10. Hey doc. Another option is the supplement DHEA, micronized. Spaying, years later, can also lead to incontinence because of a deficiency in Estrogen(one of the sex hormones lost in spaying). According to the University of Colorado, the normal range of estradiol for an intact female is 31.5-69.0 pg/ml. The normal estrogen levels for fixed and intact are pretty close, mostly because some dogs can produce estrogen in fatty tissue and other parts of the body than the ovaries. Your vet can have an Estrogen test done with a CBC(they might have to send the sample out. Very few vets can run a complete sex hormone panel. Most don't even know about it.
    Also here's a link in great detail about the effects of spaying/neutering. Anyone considering that should read this first. It could save your dog a lifetime of pain and diseases.https://healthyandhappydog.com/countering-the-effects-of-spay/

  11. They took him in 450$ later they xray ag as in and didnt find anything. 2nd hospital. But they did massage the bladder and he was able to pee and poop. The next day cant go again. They all have known he has a knot in his bladder the size of a golf ball still they say nothing about it. They did refer him to urologist but owner cant afford that. But he cant poop other. He currently is on antibotics because he had exploratory surgury in stomach which they found nothing . 3k$.
    Still he couldnt pee fully, only drips. His penis swelled from the strain. But cant poop either. He has probotics that dont work helping him poop. He has no appetite with these side effects. Now it's up to GOD. BECAUSE what's impossible with man is possible with GOD.

  12. Doctor mi dog has an abc es inside the peepee sucket I drain pus out of it and I clean is like the size of small golf ball I draine it out but it fill up with pus what can I do

  13. This wont work if dog wont eat or drink.
    Took the pet to vet he did exploratory surgery on stomach because he has gas. Shown by multiple exrays, well x ray really just shows bones. Anyway incompetent Dr's that don't care about this dog or any animal its just the $$ 3k later sends him home with probotic, pain meds, and antibiotics and says ' THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM" AND WE FOUND NOTHING WRONG" All the blood test came back normal. Before He couldnt pee or poop and had trapped gas and wanted to pee but couldnt no appetite. Now his penis is swollen red . He drinks very little but still wont eat cant hold pee and drips everywhere very little. Have to use a syringe to get some liquids down. What to do now. Owner cant spend anymore $ ?????? The drs never treated the gas. Never mind relieved his gas.

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