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  1. The 9mm mio beakers are 9mm everywhere, my gf tried breaking my bong on the sink, broke the sink and gave up after she threw the bong across the house, that was 3 years ago. I'm still Ripping that beast to this day

  2. I bought my third US tubes yesturday..i am in love with all three of them..if you want legit pieces..get a US tubes..ill try and post some videos of mine for yall to check out!!

  3. Not that I'm hatin or anything, just curious, how much is Chubbs paying you?

    Hope you reply back. It's just that most if not all of us KNOW that you and Toph are not showing up at CPA for nothing. You couldn't be wasting all your gas money just to go down there and "HANG" with Chubbs. He has to be givin yall somethin for it

  4. Toph and Dan are the shit as far as I'm concerned! Keeping it lively. Also seriously badass to hear Magweedo will be in the next video. Good vibes to all you & CCC crew. Keep up the great work Shane!!

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