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  1. Please do a video on humboldt vape techs saionara best immolation of a rig just look it up and the herc sr-74x are the two best pen well pen attys out there by far that looks ok but please look those up if u don't know of them your missing out big

  2. I've been using Sourcevapes products for awhile and the Source Orb XL with the sub ohm box mod as my daily driver, they even have new enail atomizers too but I still use the triple coil quartz day to day. Definitely worth a try

  3. I don't get it Josh? Most pens on the market today hit harder and you can load more wax. Is it because they hook you up to promote or have you truly tried all the pens out there and compared? Clouds look average for a pen

  4. idk i dont want to assume things but im guessing this is somewhat of a sponsored video payed ad sort of thing, so would you ever put some sort of disclaimer or something saying that this video is sort of an ad so we as the viewer know? personally thatd be something id like to know and it wouldnt make me not watch but id just like the info. my b i'm high as shit rambling dont get mad at me lmfao. cheers

  5. take the top part of that pen and attach it to an eleaf 40w vape box!! trust me it changed my whole outlook on vape pens i have a source 10cig attachment eleaf vape setup that rips! +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)

  6. I wanted to win it but i didn't want to reveal to my family i smoke :/ but its okay… You still make every video enjoyable, i hope you are smoking along dabbing along vaping along, getting those cannabinoids nice and deep into your lungs because i am boutta hit this joint!!! Cheers Josh!!!

  7. Hows the flavor from the G4:20C?? Seeing as youre putting rosin in it, Im assuming it doesn't operate at the normal high temp/wattage that other vapes like it do. Been debating over this vs the Kandy Pen Galaxy/Puffco and now I'm gong to look and see if you have any other videos for pens:)

  8. Don't know if anyone can help me but basically when I smoke joints it makes me gag and makes me feel like I'm gonna throw up but bongs don't but of course I wanna smoke a couple joints with the homies how can I make this stop

  9. I know you probably won't see this, but I just wanted to say that you're probably the realest weedtuber out there (with the exception of Paul Tokin). Keep up the great work Josh!

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