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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and educating pet parents. Love your point about cat vaccination. My cats only been vaccinated in their first year of their lives. They are indoor cats that enjoy our backyard too under supervision , but not roaming outside. I read so many articles how vaccines spot can turn tumours after a while so I never vaccinated my cats after their first year. Years later and so far so good they haven’t gotten any disease.

  2. These are great straightforward advices. It helps to know that some of the conventional beliefs we fur parents have had over time are really causing more harm than good towards our fur babies.

    Thank you so much for this, doctor. I liked this video and I subscribed to your channel.

    God bless you!

  3. Hey, love what you're doing! Just wondering if you could do a video on cushings?
    Vet wants to do alsorts of tests on my mums dog. Mum had the dogs mum which was diagnosed by sight from a different vet, she lived about 18 months after diagnosis. From what we know it's not an easy illness to manage but I'd appreciate some advice so milly can be made comfortable

  4. Cost tip: I buy family packs of chicken thighs and 80% hamburger, liver. Big diff in price per lbs w large packs. Wrap individual thighs in waxed paper and freeze . Separate hamburger patties w paper between. Microwave defrost 2 or 3 at a time. It's just the two of us, I'm not a 'foodie' so it's real simple & fast just to cook some meat and a sweet potato, rice or broccoli. Small dog, finicky, we eat the same food.
    PS: His labs are perfect… vet was impressed, he's 11 yrs old.

  5. Raw food for my wheaten for 14 yrs now (except for the brown rice, naturally). One vet in particular disapproved. After years and many $$$$$$, she said, studies and research, kibble is definitely the way to go! Nevertheless, she not only has written down my recipe but also tried to sell me a book in which she said I would find several raw recipes!!! Hahahaha, don’t you find it hilarious?!!!

  6. Tulla is taking in everything your saying lol. She is watching you talk. My cat is stricktly indoors but I feed feral cats in my area so does he still not need vaccines? He isn't in contact with the ferals and I wash my hands when I come inside.

  7. So I have a puppy that just turned 6 months a few days ago.. I hate the idea of kibble and iv never had a dog who likes it. I made my last dogs food at home, protein,rice, and veggies, then added colostrum. I'd love to do this for my new puppy but my vet has been telling me a growing puppy needs to be eating kibble to get at the nutrients she needs. Idk what to do! I would love ur advice

  8. Hi, I am fellowing you from Morocco, I have a cat who was diagnosed with coliza virus when he was 2 months (he was a stray cat) ,I took him to many vets and he was under many antibiotics and steroid, but no improvement, I just want to know please if I can message you with his x-ray and all the medication that he has taken so far, if I could have any solutions for him please

  9. THANK YOU for making this video, and your honesty! My daughter just left her veterinary work, tired of seeing (mostly) dogs placed on ridiculous drugs specifically humans, anti depressants, anti anxiety, and thyroid meds etc… She said the number of dogs with cancer and other strange diseases is insane. My husband and I have vaccinated our dogs 2 times in 8 years, they are incredibly healthy. Flea tabs once, the reaction was not a good one. We use Diamond Natural food and organic eggs and meat/poultry. What an amazing video !!!

  10. Hi Dr Jones.
    I’ve noticed a few people asking about garlic. Is it ok, or is it a myth that it’s dangerous for dogs & does it help with fleas etc?
    I also wonder if Aloe Vera is good for skin irritation. And Witch Hazel, is it too astringent for dog skin? I’ve just started using it to clean my Spaniels ears when he starts flapping, mainly because it works on my skin irritation, and it works to clean and seems to soothe. But is it too harsh in the long run?
    Sorry if you’ve covered this before, I’m new & theres a lot of vids to work through.

  11. Hey Doc what do you think of studies finding high levels of lead and cadmium in flaxseeds? I’ve been giving my spayed female dog who leaks urine flaxseeds for the plant estrogens

  12. I’d like your advice – I have 2 pups brother & sister 1 yr old
    They are scratching themselves & also biting themselves as they’re itchy
    What would you suggest I put in their food? Probiotics prebiotics fish oil etc etc

  13. Our vet came to our neighborhood for a vax clinic. Gave my dog and my horse 1 vaccine each and within an hour they were both down and could not get up. Both had to be put down within a day of each other. I learned that before C.oV.iD so neither of us took the jab.

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