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  1. Vet schools are financial predators. It is absurd that in the US it’s “normal” for us to graduate with the DVM in 200k-300k in debt. It’s crippling.

  2. Hey Doc, Great video! My 13 year old Shitzu has the best Veterenarian on the planet here in northern Utah. His name is Dr. T. Brett Talbot and he has helped my rescue dog Hermes to no end. I’m very grateful for him and all those in the field that care about animals, you folks are special.
    May God bless you all.

  3. Im sorry I have to disagree with you. In my experience almost all veterinarians that I have met are greedy and backstabbers. Oh by the way I have been a veterinarian since 1997. Thank you for the video and take care.

  4. Thank you for addressing this & having these tips for pet owners. I am in mental health. I have clients who want to go into veterinary care and advise they go into holistic or zoology vs. traditional veterinary practice and weigh the costs of vet school, vet tech work vs. another animal profession such as with saving wildlife like koalas.
    saying that…. 100% vets should be in therapy or some holistic alternative but processing the trauma of death at work is VERY important. Also my current vet who works 4 days a week is sooooo much more thorough in her work than our old vet who worked 5 days and was always busy. Equally good vets but the one who has a work/life balance has MORE time to spend on my chihuahua.
    Send your vet cards and thank you's and good reviews when ever possible.

  5. Working with healthy/sick animals is so much more difficult than public thinks. Just volunteer at a local vet clinic and there will be literally hundreds of realizations of what makes the job of vet/technicians so challenging.

  6. A very valid point in our society today is that there is such unethical behaviour from some private industries & some authorities, yet people are expected to be ethical themselves. I suspect that is exactly the same with veterinarians, that they end up with what they call a cognitive dissonance.
    I suspect often private debt for education also has something to do with high suicide rates.
    New Zealand where the suicide rate is actually higher than the road death toll, that has to tell you that something's not right in society and despite our so-called caring labour governments attempts to help the poor they seem to be making it worse for the poor, not making it easier, they've actually made it harder for people to buy houses and to get jobs.

  7. Thnx for sharing this !! This is by far so under reported and is a very 😥 state of affairs affecting so many veterenarians in the US .Wish this bleak situation gets better for them really soon !

  8. Dear Dr. Jones, I believe that taking one's disatisfaction to social media is abhorrent. Though my K-9's have seen many vets my regular vet is in Texas. I had a horrendous experience at this vet's office when it became necessary to put my life saving Shepherd to sleep last month. I did not shout from my keyboard. I spoke with my vet. This is a large practice. He was compassionate and horrified by the actions of one of his front desk employees. This was not his fault in my opinion. Yes, I was upset but I know he cares. I'm so sorry that this is occurring in your profession. Prayers to y'all.

  9. I just had to put my cat to sleep. I told myself "Not gonna cry too much"

    God damn it. I cried like a baby.

    But I hope my Vet doesn't think I feel like they let me down. If anything I credit my vet for giving Noire the chance to live and thrive for the 16 years she did. I don't blame them for killing my cat, anyone who blames their vet for killing their cat is being foolish.

    I think though anyone with a "superman" syndrome going into the vet field is going to be disappointed. Animals sometimes just can't be saved. But you get these pet owners and the emotion in the room I guess is palpable.

  10. I watched this when it came out. I get notifications. Thank you. You’re wonderful! I can’t say how much I appreciate how much depth you go into in EVERY video! God bless you! Mental health is SO important 🙌🏼❤️

  11. The fact that Canadians don't pay for public health care and because of that they expect animal care to be free too. then in the middle of their pets health crisis they decide not to get help because of costs. It's so sad that this is daily life for vets. And then they blame the vet for the decline of their pet.

    I feel for them.

  12. Here's a tip for all Pet Docs… Be like several D.C.s (Chiropractors) have their own practice for 10+ years all the while making YouTube videos soon ur making a million dollars per year making YouTube videos and no more Medical practice with debts. Liability insurance. Employees. Patients. etc
    MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS about your specialty$$$$

  13. OMG, how sad. I had no idea it was so bad. I could understand though because I am an animal lover and I would let the heavy, sad moments get the best of me. The government should know about this issue and they should help vets with high school debt. It is an important job in my opinion that I feel it is essential.
    I will pray that this gets better. Trolls will be trolls. I've noticed alot of hostility on social media of late. These people will not change so please don't let it get to you. I appreciate all the helpful advice you've given me. Thanks very much. God bless you

  14. It happens to dentists, chiropractors and physicians, too. Massive school debt with very expensive to equip offices plus burn-out and a lack of insurance. We also have an intrinsic feeling that once we get our doctor's degree we should be worth more and when it doesn't happen depression and a lack of self-worth can set in leaving us to feel like losers. It happens to a lot of docs…..

  15. The cost of schooling should not cost that much…it's out of control. Haters are everywhere as you know. Dealing with sickness is tough for animal drs and people drs period…very taxing. Unfortunately, the vet costs here in phoenix are too high. Dr Jones, I got the best care ever at a teaching vet hospital…it was so thorough and So affordable. I think dentists have a high suicide rate too.

  16. As a vegan suicide attempt(s) survivor and chronically ill person, I asked my vet how he coped with what he saw in farms, slaughterhouses etc. during his training/education; he couldn't answer me. He treats cats/dogs/birds only now, but I do wonder, just like slaughterhouse workers who have a VERY high suicide rate, isn't the very cruel animal agriculture at fault here as well? The inhumanity of the whole business, the slaughter, this idea that a living, feeling sentient being treated as a commodity? Huge respect to all the veterinarians out there. Please take good care of yourselves.

  17. I can DEFINITELY see how it could be a difficult profession. Not only the $ but the caring factor, guilt? Over not helping all, and, people really do put an enormous value on THIER pets now days. I personally really like my vet. I know they all do THIER best. They sat in the room with me when I put my dog down. They truly care.

  18. I'm so glad that you have brought this situation to light. I am going to send a card of thanks to my vet. He's great, and deserves appreciation for all he does for me and my animals.

  19. The issue exists even in countries where university studies are free or very affordable. It is really a heartbreak that those who really care are so often suffering the most. Veterinarians are so often labelled crooks or worse for what they charge, yet few will dare say the same about doctors who usually earn more and have less running costs. Social media is a big culprit, and pet owner aggression is on the rise too… No one should have to worry about being threatened with a knife for trying to do your job to the best ability!
    Part of the problem is also miscommunication between vets and owners. Many vets are only too aware of the financial stresses their clients are under and the last thing they want to hear is "I can't afford that, put him to sleep instead". Euthanising an animal with a curable condition because of lack of money will sap the life out of anyone and yet it happens all too often. So they avoid the discussion and the owners are sometimes taken aback at the bill. Vet schools need to address this and put it on the curriculum!
    All my vets go above and beyond for my pets, and for that I am hugely grateful. I never complain about the costs and in return I find that they do the utmost to minimise them.

  20. As with holistic doctors, as well as those that are exposing the evilness of medical and pharma corporations, I wonder how many are being suicided. It is very sad what the evil, greedy corporations are doing to our world – all about money/power for them and poison/genocide for all.

  21. thank you for your self-help holistic info. I do this for myself, and now, with the help of you & youtube, for my first pet. Until now I have gone to the nearest vet in the next town. GiGi came down with a bad cough 2 weeks ago. I have watched countless videos on youtube to HEAR the sound of her cough (including yours-thank you). So far (and I'm still researching) she sounds like a dog with Congestive Heart Failure… or perhaps what you mention Dilated Cordial Myopathy from eating (bad) dog food. (lol I was vegetarian until I chewed chicken for her as a tiny "toy" pup, 2 years). Later a woman (friend of a friend, who worked with a vet) admonished me that this was not a balanced dog diet. So I started to feed her kibbles and cans (3 years). Since the first day she started this rapid breathing and cough, I am giving her raw stew stake, and chicken off my plate (I'm no longer vegetarian lol) she likes carrots and sweet potatoes. Now I share my CoQ10 softgel with her (pinhole) & the local health food store will order the herbs. I found the meds you mentioned (online) but so far, I need a prescription. (Sorry, I can't afford both the vet bills AND the meds, so you (and youtube) are my informed responsibility, so I'm still looking online). Now that I realize how expensive it is to have a pet, I'm afraid, when she dies, I will never have a pet again. ……I am artist. I would be happy to send you a piece of my work as a trade for your effort. {I have ALWAYS volunteered -food programs, libraries, hospital, community gardens, etc. I don't expect "something for nothing" from you! Thanks so much for all your information!}

  22. Bernie Sanders and all running for president, should support ending all student debt. He should watch this and discuss this video and the organization 'Not One More Vet' on Skype to all the main media stations, t.v. and radio. This should also include all First Responders who all have the same problem, almost one per hour. The money could come from the estates of 1. Jeffrey Epstein (Mossad billions) Ghislain Maxwell 3. their close friends, the Bronfman liquor and casino dynasty and supporters of the cult NVXIUM, branding for 'genius, that excuses everything' Keith Leniere. September ll, 2019 Never Forget Building 7 see Richard Gage in Switzerland conference with 'Architects and Engineers for 9 ll Truth' and 'Firefighters for 9 ll Truth.'

  23. I have heard this before. I don't have an answer for balancing your sensitivity with harder boundaries. No one should have to get hard, though I have seen vets become hard. I can tell that you are sensitive (which is a compliment so please take it that way, in that I wouldn't want an insensitive vet working with me) and are probably the right person to have this discussion. I think that support systems are the answer and having other things going in life are the answer. You shouldn't take your work home, though you probably will. Find a way not to (like I am educating you, sorry). I also know that you are very busy during the day and go from one animal in crisis to another. Animals are precious, our cats and dogs, and so trusting. Life can be tragic. Most doctors don't have to deal with this. They have much more support, people have health insurance, and most decisions can wait, if not being made in consultation. Most doctors are specialists too, which vets are not, so you have to do everything. I understand this crisis and it needs to keep being discussed everywhere especially in school.

  24. The bottom-line reason for suicide and all the crap in this world is because we live in such a Godless society. Human life has no value anymore. If you truly have the Holy Spirit in you, you can make it through anything. I should know my family was murdered in front of me by another member who then blew their own brains out. I was 5 years old, and things were not easy after that. I have never seen a shrink or anti-depression meds, no drug or drinking problems.
    I have had a tough life, and without the Lord, I probably would be dead. Trust in Him.

  25. I often thought about how veterinarians dont always get to hear the end of the story of animals they encounter only ones or twice. But I never complain if an animal dies in spite of treatments. Cause I know we are on the same team. I always send a picture or a note if the treated animal is doing great again. I see lots of postcards of happy clients on the wall in our the vet clinic.

    Its shocking to hear that this job of passion takes its toll in the form of suicide. I will keep this in mind from now on. It only takes a second to say thank you or send a happy picture.

  26. Compassion burnout? This is the last thing we need… human beings have engineered their outside surroundings to meet their needs… Now it's time to engineer the inner space so come passion could be on fire 🔥 please Google inner engineering .com.🙏

  27. Student loan debt and talking innocent people into vet services way over priced and unnecessary to cover costs of the student loans.
    Huge debt makes most vets charlatans these days. They have resorted to puppy flipping and what not to make it. One "vet tech" sold me a sick puppy that literally killed my other dogs as well. Yeah. Nice bunch of people, modern vets. Something awful is afoot here in my city. Where do they get the sick dogs to flip? Going to court in a few weeks over one that not only sold me the sick dog, tried to steal the dog back to cover her ass, and punched me in the face she was so stressed she would be discovered. Now she is paying a fine or jail time. Yeah. I lost faith in the veterinary system completely.

  28. i think bring a vet is probably the hardest job out there. I give serious props to everyone who chooses this career path. The ridiculously high cost of college, I believe,is a large part of the problem. to be saddled with that much debt right out of college is staggering!Ass to this the fact you must also be therapist, psychologist, grief counselor AND vet is too much. I LOVE my vet clinic! Everyone there is just amazing!
    I hope you NEVER stop doing what you''re doing either!! You have given such great advice and shown many how to do things themselves instead of having to go to or vets for simple things and I, for one, thank you with all my heart!
    DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP!! No matter what some arrogant FOOL may say, you are an amazing and caring man, a wonderful Vet and a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.
    PLEASE do NOT let the prattle of a few jackasses take away your light! Itis needed so much right now. Maybe even more than you know! Just plese, don't stop. Don't give in. Don't EVER give up. The world would be a darker place without your shining light!
    Much love and many Blessings to you. 💖💖💖💖🌹🦋🦄

  29. My heart goes out to all of you vets! I am a nurse and know exactly about compassion exhaustion and burn out. I was so disheartened to hear the statistics! People can be so cruel at times and that is why I hate Social Media. I will pray for all of you. I know my Vet is helping us keep our 15 year old baby cat alive and healthy and I know we are still not ready to lose her . To all you Vets out there- God Bless You and please, don’t give up on yourselves because we are sooo blessed to have you!!

  30. My 8 year old kitty died in my arms of pneumonia early yesterday morning . I was so sad but happy she died a natural death. I think my veterinarian knew she had no chance of recovery. I feel blessed that my little girl could be home when she passed away. I just think it was too difficult for my vet to tell me she needed to be put down. I understand now from your video the tough decision this is to make. Thank you so much!

  31. Sadly so true! It's such a shame because they really wanted to help, and love their jobs. But so many people take advantage of that love and kindness! *pation as u said*!

  32. I'm an animal lover……It is hard to have a (family member ) put to sleep. But, we have to remember. It's Us who will miss them, immensely. But, immediately, when the clay pot breaks (our bodies ) We are Immediately with Our Heavenly Father. Animals will be in Heaven. Our Heavenly Father, loves His animals…..This needs to go to the Government…..They should knock off alot of the debt. If you stay around certain areas. Where we need vets. N country vets. The mileage they must go. We have to give our animals shots n things. Vets are expensive. But, well worth it…….The couple of Vets we've had were excellent. Sometimes the Vet helped me with my ailments. (Not meds)we really do need to rally around them. Help these needed people out

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