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  1. Wow, enjoyed the trailer. But what is more enjoyable for us in our house is we have a Constant. We have a support system that we can connect to. YOU> Keep up the great work. You have a good heart and you are authorized to teach. I want to learn.

  2. I only wish I had found you BEFORE my beloved St Bernard Winston passed away from bone cancer. I still have my little 11yr old Shitzhu, and have added a rescue cat with extra toes. Is it possible to,put sports tape on a kitten with a limp front leg? He's at my local shelter & I saw him on my FB. he isn't in pain and was found this morning on the highway, banged up but no broken bones. I suggested sports tape but the staff has no experience with it. I'm hoping it's a nerve thing. He just looked like he'd benefit from some support and assistance with inflammation. Thank you for what you do.

  3. Dr. Jones you're simply the best.
    We just stumbled upon your informative videos on caring for our beloved four legged friends.
    We appreciate your effort and time.
    Gary and Tammy Allen Aurora, Indiana

  4. Thank you for the informative and professional help on cruciate injuries in dogs. I have a 10 year old American Bull dog, (scott's performance) who has a right hind knee injury that has bothered him for years. I have treated him with rest, glucosomine and chondriotin and a daily aspirin. However, the leg is seemingly permanently lame. I will definitely get a brace. Thank you for the video. I love my Rudolph Valentino and do not want him to suffer. Barb in Brunswick, VA

  5. Thanks for these videos… I would love to know more about travelling with a dog in a car.  Any special suggestions ?   Most of the time, they are pretty good about sitting in the car.  The hard part, keeping them in a harness.  I also travel with a cage in the back seat area – so one is in the cage.  And the other is in a harness.   Maybe I need to travel with a babysitter!  But when all else fails…this is my best means of travelling.  Thanks!

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