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  1. Heeya, excess calcification can be due to a lack of vitamin K, cause it works really strongly together with D, at least in humans :). Interesting to look into!

  2. My dog is a 17y ridgeback just sleeps or walks in laps across the bed stepping on us around the house and back in, walks with a bad lean. And passes out if he gets to hot the vet said he can't do anything cuz he's too old, he's teeth are really bad, 11ppl in my house no one wants to deal with putting him down ? I'm at a loss when to call it.

  3. Coffee is good, if it's harvested well, without chemicals and pesticides.
    Coffee is very medicinal. Can be used as a disinfectant; as well as an emergency coagulation medicine to stop bleeding.

  4. Dr Jones what concentration of liquid D3 drops do you recommend for my 14 pound dachshund? I have my own RX D3 5000 IU, once per week, could I just cut a 1/4 or 1/8 or whatever dosage you recommend and give him a tiny bit once a week to jump start him? They helped me better and quicker than over the counter once after the first dose. I was in a lot of pain and it took away the pain immediately and my dog is the same way now so I was wondering if I should do the same once a week dose or order the liquid. If you recommend the liquid, any brand that you personally like/recommend? My dog has gastroenteritis and takes cobalamin tablets once a day and I really would like to start giving him vitamin D3. Thank you for your wonderful educational videos. I read so much to learn new things online but the information out there is so limited. I always have to look for your videos on YouTube and each video of yours that I watch, I come out learning so many new things that I start spreading my new gained knowledge from Dr. Jones the rest of that week to everyone i comes across and talk to 🙂 Thanks again

  5. Vit. D 3. yes. agree. Today I purchased ACV. by Bragg. It is the real deal. So there it is on the counter right next to Curcumin, we are gonna feel sooooo much better. The dogs AND me.

  6. Hey Doc, thank you for your videos. I have both a cat and dog and your videos are a life saver for me. Can you please share how much salmon a 60-70 pound dog can have and did you cook that or give it to your dog raw?
    Thank you again. God bless you and your work

  7. Hello Dr Andrew jones i have a 2 months old golden retriever puppy and its always biting and licking the walls and scratching. Recently it have plaky skin on her head can you please help me out with this
    I hope Dr. Andrew jones will respond

  8. Hi Doctor, mydog suddeny is presenting with red circles in his lower stomache and groin area. No hair loss no discharge… Although the red circles appear to be rising and feel hard today.
    Either its black fly strike?or I think ringworm.
    How in the heck does a year old pet …where did he get ringworm!!!!
    1.if fly strike what to use? Acv? Neosporin?
    2.if ringworm washmyhands washeverything like every other day, wash my hands. Use apple cider vinigar acv. on the red circle areas?
    Please tell me ways I can heall this quickly

  9. Great video, thank you…. I have 4 beautiful cats & want to do right by each 1 of them, of course! What vitamins are best for 2 of my elderly cats, Vit. D works for the cats as well please? I've give them about a Tablespoon of salmon about 2 – 4 X a week, is this okay, or is that to much or not enough please?

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