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  1. It ain't expensive at all dude. I can pick up top shelf grade weed like Jack, Blue Cheese, Strawberry Cough ect for (approx) $260 and concentrates about £60/g, I'm in the UK. Just gotta search out those connects man, other European countries are even cheaper, about £100/oz for top shelf in Serbia/Croatia. Hope you find some good shit at decent prices bro. Hit me up if your UK. Peace.

  2. dope in europe is expensive , so spinning with tabbaco greatly increases the amount you have so you feel like you are smoking more, plus tabbaco can greatly add to the high if you aren't addicted to nicotine by creating small hallucinations

  3. if ur in high wschool resin is fine if ur broke, it WILL get you high…. i was broke once too.. they seem like they always had money.. heh even when young. but its all good fellas

  4. Yeah, like straight ass crack. Like some mexican had to smuggle it in his pants from mexico through texas on to louisiana the whole way without a bag or nothing but still maintaining proper bud and flower form and shape. Like it did'nt look smushed.

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