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  1. Actually that's not a fact because different strains work differently with different people's genetics for me granddaddy purp etc get me upbeat and productive to do whatever I need to do throughout the day so I love smoking some purp in the morning before I start my day

  2. Lol thats bullshit, you should educate yourself my friend. It is proven that 90% of the THC and Cannabinoids are diffused into your bloodstream at the level of the alveoli after 7.57 seconds. As i quote "educate yourself please"

  3. It takes less than a second for the THC and CBD to absorb in your lungs, holding in any hit for more than a second does not get you anymore high whatsoever. Educate yourself please

  4. yeah man I smoke weed when I can, but I smoke spice when I get drug tested… which is a lot. I have never really had problems with not getting high on weed I just love the feeling of weed. Spice is a tolerable sub, but nothing close to the real thing

  5. Dude i have like the same exact story its probally way to late now to matter but it took me like 2 weeks for my tolerance to go down enough to make weed enjoyable again

  6. idk dude my friend was on spice for a while and said when he tried smoking he couldn't get high, your receptors could be fried from all that stuff man, give your brain a month of nothing at all for it to revert to its normal state

  7. man i smoked spice one time and i was tripping so hard that everything was just flashing and i forgot what i was doing like after every couple of seconds and i never did it again

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