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  1. I've tripped on weed. Oh did I forget to mention it was laced with angle dust, i can't realy remeber that night other than me and a couple guys masking taped a neihbors car. Doors sealed and everything.

  2. **Thanks for the tip about the color/temperature of the nail. I just get that bitch red and throw the globe on when i smoke BHO i make from my left over plant trimmings/shake

  3. any indica will help you with anxiety, it'll calm you down giving you an awesome body high while relieving joint pain, and knocking you out all at the same time

  4. I prefer indoor due to control of enviorment and the lighting spectrum…..in my experience the sun puts off a mix of MH/HPS type of lighting leaving buds more leafy(not in all cases)ive also found that outdoor pot is more spicey….its all personal preference…outdoor is definetly cheaper

  5. from experience indoor is usually better because they get more of what they need…lights, water, soil ect. also outdoor seems to always have that same outdoor taste…indoor ive tasted coconuts, pineapples, lemos, oranges ect…indoor also seems to be just overall danker, with crystals, stickiness, density ect.

  6. @coldloek765 if you have a glass wand and a flower bowl big enough to contain it, you can heat up the wand and insert it into the flower bowl and drop your dab on it and voila.

  7. Good review guys! I just got Raspberry Kush, Sour Kush, Green Crack and some Blueberry Kush MmmmmMmm! Tasty shit! You guys should get technical on that " How hot does my nail need to be ? " Get a heat gun and do some test's? I think it would be entertaining if anything. Hahaha

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