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  1. they dont do wake n bakes anymore… and also dan is mia cus of school for months… maybe winter break we can see him make a return to the CCC! (nuggetry is kinda lame but its ok) theccc420 just feels so OG and real compared to nuggetry where it feels like chubbs bought u guys haha.. hope u feel me on this one.

  2. i've had laced weed twice. a halucigenic and mescaline. I've known several people who had laced weed. I've also known people who sell chronic (weed with coke) but it's clearly stated that it's not straight weed-. So my point is ur not gonna find hard stuff laced, just shit that will mess with u and freak u out like cough syrup or salvia or something. good to experience once and never again

  3. Ha don't count on it being anytime soon. Louisiana is not too fond of the herb in a lot of places. I live in MS and it's "decriminalized" but people still get arrested for having less than 30 grams at a time (which they aren't supposed to be).

    If any state in the southeast gets medical soon, it'll probably be florida

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