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  1. My reason (or explanation), is that I am addicted myself. I know people who are addicted, and I know the effects when you STOP smoking, after a long time, that, right there, is my reasoning.

  2. I thought you guys were a joke the first videos I seen I couple years back but in this vid I can tell you guys are getting your homework in that shows its not always the age of the grower it's the time and patience you put in it I'm only 24 but I study all ages of growers mainly ogs like Jorge Cervantes and Kyle Kushan Jason Wilcox but to name another good younger grower grow 420guide

  3. dude the aliens brought weed to this planet, think about it bud is the only plant in the world that has a male and female plant that you can actually tell that its female by looking at it, no other plant on earth is anything like it. its just so perfect

  4. so actually there are plenty who give a fuck. nobody gives a fuck about you im assuming thats why u commented for attention… maybe if ou had actually put imput on this i wouldnt think your iq is below 50

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