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  1. Halloween a few years ago. I smoked Blue Dream. I smoked from a joints. It was my friend's that I met a little before. I had an insane body high and next level munchies. I've never bad tripped (thank god). I felt amazing and I was extremely high since my tolerance was low.

  2. great video !! and youre right i stopped smoking for a couple weeks just for my highschool rugby mostly because i was broke ! took me probably 5-6 days to get back into regular sleeping patterns !! wasnt even thinking about it after that but of course right back on it forgot how good it was to me 😉

  3. maybe if the person is using tar heroin or shitty heroin. This was according to my psych teacher who works in a womens prison and diagnosis them. if you read the dsm heroin withdrawl systems are in there and death isn't one of them. I guess you get info from idiots.

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