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  1. lol i got a funny story for ya about the cops, one time i got pulled over smokein a J with sum friends the cop walks upto my car n a lil b4 he gets to me i roll down my window n a big cloud of smoke goes in the cops face n he waves his hand infront of his face n goes wow u must b smokein sum stinky stuff n jus says i though id tell ya to slow down a little n he turns around n walks away, it freaks out me n all my friends that it happend like that but i felt really lucky

  2. Love going back to these old vids and remember watching them when they were new.. times change but that doesn't mean people have to. And i applaud you guys' consistency on quality of video. You guys only improve but keep it the same

  3. @OiL RiG The ember tool and the nails don't burn the flower. That way your'e basically vaporizing the flower and hash. Its less harmful on the lungs if you smoke without a flame because its not burning and you're not inhaling actual smoke, it's water vapor infused with the cannabinoids that evaporate with it. I'm not sure myself if they all come out that way but I'm sure that the people that tested it and said it was healthy know.

  4. dude, ive watched almost every episode and ive been trying to figure out what that iron was forever. the for some reason I watch this one and you say "Google herb iron if you want one"

  5. so i had the same thing going on because before i started smoking i got sick all the time and also before i started smoking i didnt ever have allergies and now i kinda do have allergies and i have never gotten sick for the five years i have been a huge stoner except for the occasional sore throat like twice a year so idk but i think the pot has helped my imune system

  6. You will not be able to go into a mmj dispensary without a med card. They have to have separate locations but many dispensary will have there legal mmj location. No extracts will be sold and no edibles over 100mg so basically every good edible. And tax will be 25 percent higher. We're talking 60 dollar eights. So still get your card renewed your gonna want it. And growing six legal plants with only three in flower doesn't cut it for me. Just swooped the 99 plant card in Denver's red car district for 650. Colorado going off out here homies. The ccc420 is always welcome In the warehouse for a week or whatever. Come shred the steamboat mountain boys. Peace and pot brothers

  7. Yo yo yo. Trying to get a shout out for our glass. Any chance you guys are looking to do a bubbler review? We have bubs and oil rigs we'd like to get some opinions on. Let me know…

  8. Very well spoken. Reading a well written comment like that makes me happy because it shows that not all stoners are ignorant and that some are actually articulate and sophisticated. Fuck the stereotypes and stay lifted my friend.

  9. Like your vids mann.. Pretty kool how you guys review the buds nd Concentrates.. Nd ive notice to that after smoking flower i dont get sick as much as before..So it was koo you guys talked about that.. (: Thank god for the Herb!

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